Monday, December 20, 2004

One Should Be Grateful..

Kak Dina's blog had an entry with the same title. Hope she won't sue me for copyright infringement.


The sudden death of officemate Syiqin has affected me more than I expected. I began reading her blog and found myself at a lost for not knowing this special person. Her blog starts sometime during her pregnancy, which she celebrates with such enthusiasm. Unlike me, who complained of back aches, constipation, cramps and nausea 70% of the time.

She talks about how coming from a big family, she too wishes to have many children. Unlike me, who complains of spending so much on diapers and formula every month.

She includes every blog with a doa, praises for Allah and words of gratitude for having a loving husband and beautiful son.
Unlike me, yg suka mengarut je dalam setiap blog.

I have learned so much from this person.

I have learned that one should be grateful for not only the great things that happen in our lives, but also the not so great things. Being pregnant has its not-so-great moments, every mother would agree.

But when I think of friends who are still waiting and trying to have their first child, I feel ashamed. For my pregnancies came easily, without having to resort to any fertility treatments.
When I hear of mothers caring for children with heart defects, Down syndrome, and other sicknesses, I feel ashamed. For my children are healthy with only the common flu to battle with once in a while.
When I read about mothers who lose their children to accidents and illnesses, I feel ashamed. For my children are safe and well, being cared for parents who love them and a maid who adores them.

I have also learned that we should be grateful for the people in our lives. Sure, your husband may snore and he leaves the toilet bowl seat up despite frequent reminders. Sure, your moms and/or MIL may nag you still and treat you as if you were still a little girl. Sure your children may drive you up the wall with their excessive whining and demands.

But can you imagine your life without them?

I for one, cannot imagine coming home to an empty bed and not to be able to feel my hubby’s warm body beside me.

I cannot imagine not having my mom call me up with her daily updates on her life.

I cannot imagine not having MIL around to cook and make cute clothes for the kids.

I cannot imagine life without the girls and their funny antics, cute smiles and cheeky faces.


Officemates were in shock and in tears upon hearing of Syiqin’s demise. Makes me wonder if my life on earth so far has been a fruitful one. If I have made any positive impacts in the lives of the people I know. If anyone would cry over my passing.


Anonymous said...

pray tell the name of the blog...

Along said...

This is the url of her blog. Please say prayers for her soul and for her poor husband and baby. Amin.