Monday, December 13, 2004

Monday Blues...

Went back to in-laws for the weekend. Came back last night beat. Add to it, Dina refused to sleep the whole trip back. Had to breastfeed her the whole way, even though she wasn’t really suckling. She just likes playing with her ibu’s t***. Ahaks!! I’m trying to be funny coz it’s so damn hard to keep awake after only a few hours sleep.


I told hubby about my dream winning the NST puzzle contest. However, instead of winning the Peugeot, the damn organizers gave me a Gen2. I was so pissed!!

“Eh, why you give me a Gen2? I want the Peugeotlah, nak trade in..wanna buy me a Honda Stream.”

“Sorry Puan, but the kerajaan told us, from now on all contests cannot give imported car. Must give local car. And you cannot resell, must pakai for at least 2 years.”


I can only remember fragments of the dream, but it ended up with me suing the bloody NST and getting not only the Gen2, but ALSO the Peugeot and cash to boot. Ju’s hubby was my lawyer. My family had a big celebration afterwards. And the entire nation was divided, debating on whether I was a true consumer fighting citizen or just a pain-in-the-ass bitch.


Today is ayah's birthday. Sent him and SMS wish kunon from Dania and Dina. I'm so cheap.


Anonymous said...

hahaha lawak gila mimpi..BIL aku ada Stream..tapi bila ami mintak nak test drive dia kata ko bwk honda lain la...Honda Cup..hahahaa