Thursday, March 31, 2005

We Should Be OK

So here’s what I finally did. We all pitched tent at my mom’s house. At night, I sleep with the girls on the floor in my mom’s room while hubby sleeps in the living room. An interim solution which can only be used until the 6th of April coz that’s when my dad comes back from Canada.

But still, I’m not complaining. Eventhough I lack the necessary body heat I need to sleep well (from hubby) and I have slight cramps from sleeping on the floor, the important thing is the kids are happy and I have peace of mind that they are being taken care of by their grandma. Personally, a much better option than sending the kids off to a daycare center.

I want to give a big shout out to those who commented to my previous entry. Krissy, thank you so much for your comment. It made me feel so much better and more convinced that I REALLY am trying to do the best for my kids. Being a new mom yourself, how did you get so wise?!! Same “thank you” goes out to Twinsmom.

Angah, yeah bro..took your suggestion. Hope you love the idea of us all crashing the house.

5xMom, if I had the luxury of taking leave, I would but like Krissy pointed out, the kids definitely wouldn’t have benefited from having a grouchy half-mad mom at home. Plus, got so many bills to pay, kesian hubby have to fork out for everything. But still, thank you for your comment.

Joe, you are excluded form this shout out. :-P


On other matters, here’s an update of what the girls are now up to.

1. Is now our official telephone answerer. Don’t anyone dare pick up the phone when she’s around, unless you want to hear scream fest of the year.
2. Can glue herself to the computer for hours playing Bob the Builder or any other games from cbeebies or sesame street website.
3. Has memorized dozen of nursery rhymes which are rehearsed in front of her sister on a daily basis.
4. Is now 99.9% potty trained. Hubby said, even at night Dania would wake him up when she feels the need to go to the toilet. Good girl!!
5. Loves going to her Tumble Tots sessions as she gets to mix around with kids her own age.

1. Has mastered the art of rolling. It’s rolling here, rolling there..rolling everywhere. Finish line is usually under the sofa or against the wall.
2. Has the impression that everything should be tasted before approved. This includes her sister’s hair, her abah’s face, her ibu’s tudung and her own toes.
3. Is getting the hang of the “caterpillar” dance.
Step 1: Roll onto tummy
Step 2: Bring knees up.
Step 3: Hands flung out for the extra “pull” factor.
Step 4: Face on the floor for added friction.
She can scoot forward on her face for 2 minutes before she gets tired or hits an obstacle. Pretty amazing to see. :D
4. Is now eating bananas & rice cereal. Still breastfeeding (yeah!!!)

More pictures of the girls coming soon.


Krissy said...


I'm glad things are working out.

Just remember that if something changes and you have to do one of the less desirable things, like day care, that your girls will most likely be absolutely fine.

If something has to change, please don't feel bad, and don't hurt yourself for the sake of everyone else. The best thing for the family is what works for most people in the family (as long is it includes the kids).

Hang in there. I'm glad it worked out.


Joe said...

What, no shoutout for me? You'll rue the day... heheh..

Heh since you're at your mom's, come hang out at our place tonight or this weekend.

Along said...

Thanks again for your wise words.

Sorrylah..this weekend is going-back-to-melaka week. My obligation as the perfect daughter in law. Next week?

Zu said...

Kak Along, Ni Zu.. ex-OSU.. I've been reading your blog for a while. I was a reader up till today, I want to ask you about the Tumble Tots. What is it about? I guess this is like an activity class for toddlers. Actually, I don't have your email address, if you don't mind, can you email me about the details to me? it is thanks kak along.. p.s: please give your two cute gals a kiss from me :)

Twinsmom said...

You should share the big achievement with Dina on the (4)--still breatfeeding, yeah! :D:D:D...