Tuesday, March 15, 2005

I am A Force OF Nature

It’s been 79 days since the December 26th Tsunami tragedy. If you’re one of the few who haven’t done their part in donating time, money and/or energy to helping the poor folks who were greatly effected by the tragedy (and SHAME on you, if you are!!), then here’s your chance to do something good...and boogey the night away while your at it.

The following text is a snippet from a write-up on the Force of Nature Concert For Tsunami Aid, written by Sheena Tan.

Annuar Zain, Backstreet Boys, Black Eyed Peas, Boyz II Men, Dayang Nurfaizah, Innuendo (collaborating with Ruffedge and V.E.), Jackie Chan, Lauryn Hill, Nicholas Tse, Sheila Majid, Wyclef Jean and Yumiko Cheng. These local and international superstars will be coming together for the first time in Malaysia to perform in the Force of Nature Concert For Tsunami Aid on March 18 th 2005 at the Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur .

And you can be part of this historical event and at the same time do your part for the sufferers of the world’s worst natural disaster in recent memory, the millions of Tsunami victims, who are still trying to climb out of the rubble of destruction. The Concert For Tsunami Aid is the first initiative of the Force of Nature Aid Foundation, a non-profit organization in Kuala Lumpur, with Kamaluddin Abdullah Badawi as the Director/Trustee of this Foundation, and 100% of the proceeds of the ticket sales will be going towards the unfortunate victims, via the various relief agencies around the world dealing directly with victims.

For more information, please visit

On another topic, which is slightly related to the Tsunami incident, I was blog hopping the other day when I came across this fella’s blog. Since he was from the US, we’ll call him Sam (not his real name). Now I’m not one to thrash people for stating their own opinions, particularly when it comes to topics I have little interest in such as politics, business and who’s more annoying; Aznil or Azwan?

But I got to reading this guy’s blog and there was one entry he made with regards to the Tsunami incident. He was going on about how the rest of the world was giving the US the 3rd degree coz Bush had initially decided to donate only 13 million (or something like that). He was talking about how the Bush administration was “forced” into giving more as the US had a tarnished reputation to repair, especially in the eyes of Asia. He wrote about how peeved he was that the school “brats” in Thailand would be enjoying super-savvy computer labs, thanks to the money the US would be giving. Never mind the fact that in the US, some people were starving. Never mind the fact that the rate of unemployment was at an all time high. Nooooo, Asian people were insisting, in fact, demanding that the US give as much money as they could so they can have their beautiful hotels, massage parlors and strip bars restored (I guess he though only Thailand had been hit by the Tsunami).

OK, so maybe this guy had been living in a cave all this while and hadn’t seen any pictures or heard any news relating to the destruction the Tsunami caused. But please, read up before you make stupid comments like this. Super-savvy computers?!! We’re not talking about rich or well-to-do people having their BMWs washed out to sea.

We’re talking about poor fisherman losing their boats, their houses, their entire livelihood.

We’re talking about 1000 children in Sri Lanka made orphans due to the Tsunami tragedy.

We’re talking about an entire cities flattened with nothing but mud, debris and dead bodies to be seen.

We’re talking nearly 300,000 people dead, injured or missing.

Sorry, I want to swear and rant but I realize that some people are just so dense and/or selfish that it would just be a waste of time for me to do so. So I’m calling out to all Malaysians, for the sake of this man’s sanity, let’s join forces and donate whatever money/time/energy we can spare. Maybe it would be sufficient enough that we wouldn’t have to rely on Uncle Sam to give up his precious dollars for this cause.

Ps: You might be wondering if I’m going to the Force of Nature concert? Alas, I can’t but before you start throwing rotten tomatoes at me, let me just assure you that I have what I can for the Tsunami victims. I’ve donated money and organized a charity drive with some of my fabulous colleagues. And I’m highlighting this concert in my blog. So now, it’s your turn.


nadya said...

tolong hari tuh dah udah dah..nak tolong gi tgk konsert..walaupun teringin terkinja2 tengok boys 2 men dgn backstreetboys... tidak ada fulus la for the ticket... mahal siotz...hhehee

noresh said...

kalau aku ada kat m'sia memang sohih aku pi tengok sebab ada bsb and bIIM. dolu kat states tak sempat nak tengok sebab tiket macam pisang goreng panas. 10 minit bukak kaunter dah habis.

Krissy said...

I'm not sure what the people above me wrote, but if they happened to express a sentiment equivallant to "Ignore the fucker. He's a useless, thoughtless twat" I can only say Hear hear!

What people forget about the US is how much money is coming from the private sector. I'm glad there's a feeling of global awareness right now and I'm glad that the government got called to task on their stingey behavior.

We gave money and blood.

Anonymous said...

I am a force of nature!!
500++ bucks ticket, but i got it 4 free!!
wit 2 orange wrist bands..
and i even got to sleep during those stupid + boring BSB show!! (dat was a 1st.. Yeah!)
Who says poor ppl can't have fun??