Friday, December 31, 2004

I Feel Good....

Despite the late notice and the fact a lot of the staff are still on leave, we manage to collect 7 huge boxes of clothing for the Tsunami victims (plus lots of small boxes too). Thank you so much to all those that donated their stuff.

All clothing will be going to the Tsunami victims via MERCY Malaysia. Mamat Nationwide Express yang mai nak ambik barang pun terkejut.

Errr...banyaknya. Van kecik jer. Camno nak muek?

We managed to put in 4 huge boxes along with all the small boxes in the van. As we were loading the boxes, people from the other divisions came up and asked when we would be collected stuff again. Apparently not everybody got the email yesterday.

After some discussion, we decided to have a second round of collection next Wednesday. Here is a list of things that are urgently needed by the Tsunami victims.

1. Clean and usable blankets and clothing items – please make sure they are in good condition, clean and without holes.
2. School uniforms, shoes, bags and any other school related materials
3. Food items that is canned or tinned. Packaged food like Milo 3-1 is also acceptable.

For more info, please check MERCY’s website at

Malaysia Boleh!!!



way to go long!! btw, aku nak donate money for the victims in m'sia. these days, a pound can stretch a looooong way. so do u know a way that i can deposit money straightaway for victims. a tabung ke? charity ke? lemme know ya...

azrin said...

Happy New Year...

Along said...

Noresh, I'm not sure how you can do it from UK but you can try direct depositing funds into MERCY's account. Account name MERCY Humanitarian Fund MBB Bank/Account no.5621-7950-4126

or you can send a check payable to MERCY Humanitarian Fund, and send to the address below:
MERCY Malaysia No 45B Jalan Mamanda 9, Ampang Point, 68000 Ampang, Selangor, Malaysia. Just write at the back "Tsunami Victims", along with your name and address.

Let's keep on giving people.