Monday, December 06, 2004

Back in the social circuit

Which is not that big to start with anyway. Last weekend was open house, open house and more open houses. Sampai rumah org yg tak kenal pun pi. (Hubby!! I will never forgive you for maluing me!!). Saturday, went to the house of hubby's colleague. Tu yang silap pi tu tak tau camne. Already salam2 with the host and hostess, dah nak ambik pinggan makan, then only realised we had the wrong house. Argh...the shame!!!

Sunday drove to Liza's house. Pergh..MMR2 jammed so bad, it took us an hour to get there. Met up with Ijah and her baby and also Kondak. Ijah's baby is so cute!! And big. Ahaks. Liza kept on promoting her Puteri Gunung Ledang VCD. Sudah le Liza, tau lah hang nak berlakon jadi PGL tu..heheh..hajat tak kesampaian.

Today is still an uneventful day at the office. Rather empty for some reason. Had lunch at Maiz's apt. Makan bihun and nuggets. Whatever, at least free.

M-I-L at the house. Came by last Saturday, staying for a week. That means ibu gets a week off from having to come over and bathe Dina. Did I hear a sigh of relief, mom?

I need to do more shopping. Bile Bonia nak sale ni?