Friday, December 10, 2004

And would you like fries with that, Mr. Trump?

I've been reading Sam Solovey's comments on The Apprentice, 2nd Season. For those of you who don't know, Sam is the wacky, short, eccentric fella from the 1st season. Mad as he was, I rather liked him and was rather disappointed when he was fired after the 3rd task. The show lost a bit of its pizzazz after that.

This guy is hilarious. He's obviously obsessed with The Donald, even though he pokes fun at the Big Man’s hair piece (?) at every chance. I love the way he gives his unpredictable predictions of the following episodes. They’re so damn funny!! This guy is one mental case. But he makes me laugh, so score one for the maniacs of the worlds!!

The Apprentice is a big hit and it’s easy to see why. Put 16 highly qualified, intelligent, smart, good looking men and women against each other and watch them dissolve into 4 year olds battling out whose turn it is to get on the swing. Or whose fault it is the seesaw broke. It’s so hilarious at times and calls out for many a-dramatic boardroom incidents. My favorite would have to be when Sam got fired, his expression was priceless!! You could peel the hairpiece off of Trump’s head with that stare!!

Out of all the reality shows out there, I must say The Apprentice and The Amazing Race are both on top of my list. Further down the line would be, For Love or Money (shoot me, but I’m a sucker for helpless romantics and/or green-eyed, money-grabbing gremlins from hell). Survivor used to be on my list but I hardly follow it anymore. I think it’s like in its 9th season or something. Waaayyyyy past its expiration date. Other reality shows like The Newlyweds a.k.a Barbie and Ken show, The Simple Life a.k.a Dumb and Dumber (I’ll let you figure out who’s who) and The Ashley Simpson show only deems viewing when there’s totally nothing else on TV. Even then, I would rather sit and watch paint dry.


Going back to Melaka tonight. Kids and maid have been shipped off with M-I-L this morning. Feeling friskey..maybe a quick rendezvous with hubby would do before the drive. Ahaks!!!