Sunday, December 20, 2009

Long Weekend

**This is a previous post that was supposed to be posted ages ago. In lue of my pink eye (still pink!!), I'm not in any shape to post anything new yet. So just bear with me.

Since Friday was a holiday (Awal Muharam), we were supposed to go back to Melaka to see my in laws. However, my MIL called; everone there is suffering from an eye infection. My SIL is the worst, her damn eyeball is bleeding!! Uwaaaaa...

So we cancelled that plan and got the rare opportunity to just stay at home for a change. We didn't do much on Friday except for some springcleaning and the usual laundry marathon.

On Saturday, hubby decided to take the kids out. We had promised Dania a new bicycle since she got good results for her final exam. She got 2nd in class. Yeah, Dania. Since she got 2nd, she didn't get the scooter she wanted. Promises are promises. She was a bit dissapointed but I told her, if she still wanted one next year, I would consider using her own money to buy it.

We went to Sunway Pyramid. Daria was such an angel, only crying when she wanted some milk. We had lunch at Burger King and just enjoyed the sights and sounds there. There was a Miss Tourism pegant thingy going on so lots of people were checking that out. To be honest, the ladies weren't all that hot. Heee...

Dania and hubby tried out the new archery place. They had a promotion going on. Actually Dania tried for free while hubby only paid RM9 for 15 arrows or so. Dina was too small to try and Daria decided to wake up at that time, so maybe next time for me.

We walked some more and unfortunately for Dania, we couldn't find a shop that sold any bikes. In the end, the only shopping we did was some shower cream for Daria and some strings for hubby's badminton racket. But it was great family time for us all.