Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dowry Increase - An Issue?

This morning on our way to work, hubby and I listened to the radio. Today's hot topic was about the increase of mas kahwin (dowry) for those getting hitched in Selangor, from RM40 to RM300.

As expected, the guys were all against it while the women were all for me.

In my opinion, What is RM300 when you really think about it? To me, if you can't afford RM300 dowry, then you're not financially prepared to get married in the first place. If you can afford the latest handphone gadget or updating your car with the latest accessories every month, you can surely save at least RM300. Try bringing plain water to work instead of buying that everyday teh tarik. Do whatever you can to cut down expenses, nak seribu daya, taknak seribu dalih, tul tak?

The dowry is the only amount that really belongs to the wife later on. All the hantaran money and such, all goes to the wife's parents, as payment (or partial payment) for the wedding ceremony.

Let's look at it from this angle, RM300 for what? 20-30 years of marriage? That adds up to what...RM10 per year? wife, the one you are marrying, the woman you love with all your heart, the one who will carry your future kids is worth at least that!!

To me, all this huhaa about the increase in dowry should not be an issue in the first place. It's what happens after the marriage that matters.


Iym said...

agree along. aku kat pahang pun rm22.50. nak mkn kat sushi sampai kenyang pun tak lepas.. hihi

Mom-On-The-Loose said...

ye ke??? diorang kecoh ke?? please lah... hantaran bebanyak RM8888.88 tu rajin lak nak bayo. mas kawen 300 pun tak moh. sheesh.

like you said, mas kawen is the one true thing that belongs to the bride. yang lain tu yg patut di cut down kalau dah tak mampu sangat!!!

J.A.D said...

the total hantaran for my friend who got married in Perak was RM10k but half of that was the dowry. The other half was duit hantaran. Cool eh? Apparently that's the practice over there as well as in the east coast. Baru la puas hati.

Anonymous said...

i think some people got confused between mas kahwin and hantaran.

Aktif Mama (Sal) said...

la...aku pun dah tak ingat brapa hinggit mas kawin aku time kawin dulu. Memang betul along, apa ler yg nak kecoh2...kawin nak...kena bayau mas kawin lebih sikit tak nak...hidup2..mcm2 ada....