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Lilypie - Kids Birthday

Monday, December 28, 2009

Eye Infection Update

I'm still on MC, thanks to this damn eye infection. It's gotten from bad to worst. Now my eyelids are swollen and I can hardly open my eyes. Even gross, my eyes are secreting brown liquid. Hubby's eyes are just as bad. Dania has infection in her left eye, for some reason her right eye is ok. And with some divine intervention, Dina has (so far...knock wood) evaded the plague. She's been pretending to be a DIVA and gotten to wearing her sunglasses in the house.

We've went to another clinic and got more medication. The doctor was worried if any of us had any mucus or filament in our eyes; luckily we're still not that bad.

I hope my eyes get better really soon. Work is piling up and the project is at such a critical stage right now. Plus it's so boring being sick with eye infection. Can't watch a lot of TV, can't surf the internet too much, can't go out. I've been laying around all day, periodically stuffing my face with food. I am soooo going to get fat after this!!


nadya.s said...

aiyo, so kesian to the whole family. geet well soon ya along. speedy recovery

fizi said...

get well soon, dear. musim sekarang ni yek?