Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Sorry for the long silence. Been really busy with work eventhough a lot of people are already taking long holidays to finish off their annual leaves.

I've been spending the past few days at home too, not because I'm on holiday.

I have the pink eye. Really bad.

It started with Daria. Hers wasn't too bad, just slightly red. Good thing it wasn't itchy so she didn't rub her eyes much. Just as she was getting better, I suddenly started getting gooped up poo in my eyes.

I went to the clinic, got some eye drops and eye cream and got a day off. That was Sunday. On Monday, my eyes looked even more zombie-like, all red and veiny. I went back to the clinic and got the rest of the week off.

Hubby and Dania also got a taste of the pink eye but because they got antibiotics, theirs wasn't so bad. Hubby took only one day off. Dania's eye wasn't even red, just slightly swollen.

I probably should take antibiotic but the doctor warned me, that it could cause Daria diarrhea if I breastfed her. Hmm...if my eyes are worst tomorrow, I'll drag myself to the clinic again and get those antibiotics. I'll probably do the "pump and dump" technique while I'm on them.

I took pictures of my eyes with my handphone but somehow I can't transfer the images via bluetooth. I'll get hubby to try when he gets back.

Arghh...just 20 minutes in front of the laptop and my eyes are killing me!! Who knew eyeballs could throb!!!

Edit: Hold on, figured how to use the bluetooth. OK, here's what my eye looks like right now. This is the left one, the right one is just as bad. not stare for more than 5 seconds.



Anonymous said...

pink eye! you got pink eye!


Aktif Mama (Sal) said...

kau ngintai org eh???

Aunt Juicebox said...

Oh my gosh, you poor thing. I don't know how we've managed to avoid it. My daughter's stepmother is a school teacher and she's had it before, but never managed to pass it on so far.

Zaihasra Manik Jepun said...

I saw Mr. R at Taj's brother's wedding reception on friday was funny to see him in sunglasses at nite..but he enjoyed himself all the way through the party..I was hoping u would come..

Along said...

TOAJ: More like red and bloody eye. Sob..

Sal: Ngintai kebenda, nyangkit dari Daria. Sib baik minah tu dah ok..tapi yg lain semua merana lagi.

AJB: We've been passing it around like the holiday spirit!! Sob, everyone's so bored coz we've kept ourselves at home. Nothing spells love than being frustrated at being confined with loved ones 24/7.

Zai: Yeah, didn't feel like going. My eyes are too red and swollen to be out in public.