Monday, October 26, 2009

One Hurdle Down

Yahooooo!!! Finally, my presentation paper to management was presented and approved!! After going to the damn meeting 4 times and not being able to present (despite staying back until 11pm..uhuk!), we finally got a session this afternoon and finished the presentation in record time. Granted, the committee members were just as anxious to get the whole thing over with also. Hahhaa...bagus, lain kali macam tu. Approve je la..

Dania had her school sports day last Saturday. I'll update more on that in a later post. Oya, also as a treat, hubby took me and the girls for a karaoke session at Mid Valley. woooo, dapat lepaskan tensen.

Well, I'm off to bed. Just because I've finished one work hurdle, that doesn't mean there aren't anymore ahead of me. But for the time being, let me just pat myself on the back one more time. Haha..

Later, peeps!


poshnez said...

Way to go Along! GOOD for yer ;p

Mom-On-The-Loose said...

yeeehaaaa!! alhamdulillah. mesti lega gile. Can't believe they made you stay till 11 for FOUR times. Gile hape?? Cam tak de family je diorang buat you. Oh well, as long as things work out in the end. Glad this ONE hurdle is over and may you solve other hurdles easily.

Along said...

Poshnez: Tq, was a headache but thank god it's over.

MOTL: Actually I only had to stay back until 11pm once. But the rest of the times I had to stay back until after Maghrib, so still late!! Let's hope this doesn't become a habit...sian my kids.