Friday, September 04, 2009

A Short Update

I just got back my laptop yesterday. They had to replace the hard disc in the end since there were so many viruses attached.

Tu la...sapa soh abang pakai laptop Along download movies bittorrent ni??!! Kan dah banyak virus menghinggap!!

Actually I can't blame hubby that much for downloading all those movies; most of them were my request in the first place. Hehe. But he should know better than to download those with viruses. Bukan patut ada antivirus ke laptop aku ni? Hmm..whatever it is, after I got back my laptop, I found out some of my files were missing. Dik Sapura oi, I told you if any of my files went missing, I'll retire!! You need to come back and find those files, one way or another.

I still owe a post about my mom's birthday celebration, our iftar gathering with friends and also Daria's latest pictures. My mom has been bugging me to print some photos of the girls for her to frame. Ketahuilah ibu dearest, Along dah tak print gambar sejak tahun 2005 lagi! Everything is stuck within my home laptop. If that laptop goes missing, there goes all those memories. Hmmm...maybe I should print out the pictures. I have 3 empty albums at home because of this fact.

This morning, hubby told me we may be going back to Melaka this weekend. Hmm...baru nak berehat kat rumah. It's ok la, since I'm such a Mithali wife, follow je la. I'll bring my laptop with me so I can update my blog. Kalau tak, keje terbongkang je la aku nanti.

Have a great weekend, everybody!!


Anonymous said...

this reminds me of my desktop pc kat vandy dulu. an unnamed sources bagitau, desktop aku jahanam sebab dikerjakan laki ko la, tak tau apa dia buat. tu yg dia pindah dok dengan kamal, mod and kai..


Along said...

TOAJ: Aku nak gelak ke tidak? Betul ke? Awat ko tak soh dia betulkan balik pc ko...takpun belikan yang baru. Memang gatal ah tangan mamat tu kekadang...

Anonymous said...

based on hearsay, aku takde le nak ngejar cari bukti sangat pun. tapi kalau betul, patut boleh dia ganti ye tak? kan tokey jual pc kat ebay..


yg ni ko kena tanya laki ko la hehe

Real Woman said...

good u got yr laprop back and have a great weekend too! nak gi cari baju raya anak this weekend! ;p