Thursday, September 17, 2009

Loser, Winner

This guy is messed up. Who the hell does he think he is? He’s rude and a freaking idiot. Sure, it’s the VMA and it’s MTV and it makes for great television. Then one look at Taylor Swift’s crestfallen face and it’s not so funny anymore. The poor girl looked like she was going to burst into tears.
I heard he got escorted out from the building after his stupid rant. I just hope the security shoved their foot up his ass before tossing him out on the pavement.

Leave it to Bootylicious to save the day. After winning Video of the Year, she graciously gave the stage to Taylor to “have her moment”. Now that’s the true spirit of entertainment. It doesn’t have to be shocking or ridiculous. Heart warming moments are what this world needs more of.

I understand that when you’re tired and under the pressure of defending your title, getting called for a foot fault may be frustrating. However, it’s no reason to rant for minutes at the linesman. And threatening to shove your racket down her throat.The dudette was only doing her job. I hardly think she was out to get Serena for any personal reason. Bad form by Serena, I think, especially since it cost her the match.

I teared up when I first watched this clip. So touching.

Steve Monforto leaned over the railing and made a beautiful 2-handed catch. He celebrates with other fans, high-fives his 3-year-old daughter, Emily, and hands his prize over to his little daughter to keep.


Instead of hanging on to it, Emily does what little kids do: She throws the ball back!

Her dad was shocked, he definitely wasn't expecting that. But instead of getting mad he wraps his arms around his daughter and hugs her, a sweet and priceless moment.Apparently the girl was a little upset after the toss. "I gave her a big hug and she buried her head in my chest and I said 'It's all right, don't worry about it," "I give [her] a ball at home, and she throws it and I throw it back," Steve continued. "So, I gave her a ball and she threw it!"

Bear hugs are the best! Definitely “Father of the Year” material!!