Sunday, September 06, 2009

My Mom's Birthday Dinner

Last Saturday (29th Aug) was my mom's 54th birthday. 54. Let me be the one to say this; the woman does not look 54 years old. Nor does she act like it sometimes. Several times people have mistaken us as siblings. I don't if this means that my mom looks young or I look old. Hmm..let's go with the former, shall we?

As a treat, my brother and I took the whole family out for dinner. My mom chose the venue; Pizza San Francisco. Haha, I know, it's not glamorous but initially she was the one who wanted to treat everyone and that was the only place she could afford.

Since it was Ramadhan, we all broke fast at home first. Then after Maghrib, we headed out to the restaurant. Dokat je, tak sampai 10 minit dah sampai. We had made reservations just in case there were a lot of people. When we arrived, the restaurant was half empty so we had a choice of whether to eat inside or outside. We chose outside since inside there were so many insects!!

Most of us ordered the ribs, while the girls had pizza and fish & chips. I ordered the pasta primavera with shrimp which was rather good. Of course, everything tasted good since everyone was famished!

It was a great dinner due to good food and even better company. The price was not bad either; RM388 for 10 people eating. I suspect we'll be going there again for another family dinner soon. As always, I forgot to take any pictures of the food. Too busy eating! This was taken after everyone had finished stuffing themselves (except my mom who was complaining they had given her too many slices of lamb chops (which she then put in front of me to finish)!!)

My mom attempting to finish her lamb chops. Look at hubby, so full! Hehehe..
The newly engaged couple with Dania.
My mom unwrapping her birthday present. It was a last minute purchase, hehehe.
And the verdict...she loved it!! The latest designer handbag from Liz Claiborne.