Monday, September 07, 2009

Daria and Her Relationship With The Camera

Daria is going to be 4 months old this coming 16th Sept. My, how time flies. She growing by the minute and is constantly amazing us with her smile and laughter.

One thing I've noticed about her is her reluctance to smile for the camera. It's like she has it in for the thing! She could be laughing her head off one minute and as soon as I aim the lenses at her, she'll sense it and immediately clam up.

I've tried everything; waving her favorite toy in front of her, calling to her in that incredibly high voice we do when we talk to babies (why do we do that?), placing the camera at an angle so it's not pointing directly at her. No use, she knows when she's being photographed and unlike Paris Hilton, she does not appreciate the moment.

Proof in hand.
Too busy playing with her feet (which she's just discovered) to smile for the camera. Also I sign she'll be rolling over soon. Sigh, it's gonna be even tougher to change her diaper when she does.
This was actually snapped while she was half way laughing and half way frowning. Tengah gelak2 bleh terus berkerut tengok camera depan muka.
I tried to "hide" the camera and take her picture from a different angle. Did not work.
"Stop trying to take my picture, woman and feed me already!! Can't you see I'm hungry enough to eat my own hand?!"