Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Imagining a Target on Every Head Around Me

Stuck in a presentation meeting with boss.'s been 2 hours and we're only up to slide #12. 20 slides to go, then it's my portion to present.

It's already 4.30pm...what time is this meeting going to end?!!!!

Depa ni semua x posa ke? Tak ingat nak balik rumah nak masak ke? Ke ada bibik macam aku untuk tolong masak? Eventhough I have a bibik, I still want to be at home to break fast with the kids.

Uwaaa....please people. Can we move along? Why are we taking 20 minutes to discuss each slides?'s bad enough I have to drive back alone because hubby is breaking fast at a nearby hotel (vendor belanja). Why aren't I going with him? Gooooodddd question...hmmm. Nevermind la, pity Dania having to break fast alone.

Oh my god, they've backtracked to slide #10!! That's seems, I'll be here till tomorrow morning.


ila de cute said...

along, ila pun pernah stuck in a meeting mcm tu..ada sekalai meeting start at 6pm waktu bulan pose..geram betul..

Along said...

Ila: 6pm during fasting month? Memang nak kena selambam sapa yg set mtg tu.

tash said...

ello's been a real long time ever since i can visit has already blocked it o..anyway,jus wan to drop by and wish ya..selamat berpuasa ya..when work comes, no choice..anyway take care!

Aktif Mama (Sal) said...

Along...boss Sal pernah buat meeting dari pkul 4pm till 8pm pun blum abis-abis...tangan naik lenguh take down minutes....fuhh tu masa dulu la...
Diaorang nie kengkadang buat mcm tak reti jee...nak tunjuk konon, keje kuat for the company...he he he

ila de cute said...

along, aaaah iye bulan pose la...uhhuhuhu