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Lilypie - Kids Birthday

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Yep...Still Pregnant

I missed one day of blogging yesterday and got a few calls and sms's asking whether the Big Day had finally arrived. Alas, it hasn't still. Blehh!

I had my check up yesterday and even the doctor knew better than to crack any jokes about how pregnant I was. She assured me that everything was on schedule; the baby was in a good position, heartbeat going strong, amniotic fluid still ok. Other than wait it out, there wasn't much else she could advice me to do. She did suggest walking about more, which despite my bum leg, I'm trying to do. I ended up doing circles in my room last evening, in my underwear with the aircon on full blast. It was just too hot for me to walk about anywhere and anyhow else.

We recalculated my due date and it seems I'm due on the 13th instead of the 15th. Which is..woohoo!! So I have my next check up next Wednesday and the doctor said, if I'm already dilated 3cm or more, she'll put me on a drip to induce the labour. I told her that's what happened for both my previous children; the doctor had to put me on a drip and break my water bag before I could even felt any contractions.

We might be going out for dinner tonight, sort of a last eat-you-can thing for me before I start confinement. O man, confinement in this type of weather is not going to be fun. How I'm going to survive 40 days of it is anyone's guess.