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Lilypie - Kids Birthday

Monday, May 11, 2009

What I Still Miss About the States

If there's one more thing I miss about being in the states is the shopping at the factory outlets. I mean seriously, that was so much fun. Branded clothes for like 1/3 of the original prices (or less). Not that we don't have great warehouse sales here in Malaysia, but when it comes to branded clothes, not that much. Plus, they always bring out clothes that looked like they came from the 90's..really old stuff.

I used to love going shopping at The Gap. I loved their khaki pants and t-shirts. Sure, we have The Gap here in Malaysia too, but with the prices...somehow it doesn't feel like I'm getting the same deal.

I miss Victoria Secret too. Say what you want about these super skimpy lingerie, whenever I needed a pick-me-upper, nothing did it better than buying some sexy underwear. Not only did they look good (I'm not saying I have the best butt out there, but still), they were comfortable too. Now, all I do is go on to their website and droll. Hahaha...

In terms of food, I miss the pizza. Papa John's to be exact. There was just something in the sauce that made it soooo good! Thank god, they've finally opened Papa John's here in Malaysia. We went there for hubby's birthday. Not the original plan (I had tried to book a dinner cruise at the Putrajaya Lake) but we did have lots of fun. The girls loved the pizza, while hubby and I took the opportunity to reminiscent about our younger days. Heee..

The girls being cute while waiting for the pizzas to arrive.
The birthday boy and his princesses.
Everyone loving the pizza!!


theotheraj said...

gap eh? jangan lupa gap boxers yg laki ko pakai buat main bola.. yishh

Along said...

Hahaha..maybe that was his tactic for not getting tackled on the field.

Heather said...

I really would like to hear more about when you lived in the US, whenever you have time to talk about it.

You were eating pizza with forks? =) I like Papa John's too, their crust is so great.

Along said...

I'll blog about my experiences in the US one day, there's just so much to write about.

Yeah, the pizza's were still hot so the girls used forks. Hubby and I used our fingers. I love their crust too...and their garlic sauce. Hmmm....

Iym said...

Along, Papa John tu kat mana? teringin gak nak try..

Along said...

Iym: Ada kat IOI Mall yg baru and Times Square.