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Lilypie - Kids Birthday

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Still Waiting for the Big Day

Yesterday I had my doctor's checkup. Alas, she didn't announce any dilation news (hmmm) but everything looks ok. I lost a bit of weight (0.4kg) but the baby gained 0.1kg. It now weighs 3.3kg. Hmmm. Just waiting for the day to come (soon!!!). I asked her whether the baby's head had engaged and she said "Oh, it's different for your 3rd baby. You don't have to wait for the baby to engage. Most probably your water will break first."

Hmmm...thing is my water has never broke by itself. Now I'm like a bit paranoid, everytime I go to the loo, I think I'm breaking water. Hahaha..

Oya, Heather asked me what the hell a snakehead fish was. I've posted some images below.

Yeah, nasty right? Believe me, the taste isn't anything to hoot about either. The smell...goodness..bau longkang!! What does it do? It helps heal the birth wound and helps build back protein molecules in your body for cell regeneration. So, the suffering doesn't stop after giving birth. 40 days of confinement is so much fun too.

We went shopping again today. Hubby cashed in his Bonuslink points and got like RM500 worth of Parkson coupons. So naturally we used that to buy more baby stuff, like the stuff I listed down in my previous points. I bought most of the stuff from the Anakku section, mostly because their stuff was slightly cheaper than the other brands but also because Anakku was having a contest. The grand prize is a Grand Livina!! If we win, we'll have an MPV. Hahahah...yet another wishful thinking. But one can dream, right?


theotheraj said...

aku transported live haruan from kedah semalam. untuk uncle aku yg baru lepas surgery .. huhuu.. bendang mari, wild ones.. before that, siap melompat2 keluar bekas... yes, they stink and slimy and oh so snake-y.. try catching one..

since dah banyak barang2 anakku, bila kau beranak, i don't have to get u anything else right? haha