Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hot and Bothered..Still Pregnant

Tammy and Victor won the Amazing Race and the USD1 Million prize. Woohoo!! Out of the 3 teams in the final, they were the ones I was rooting for.


My next check up is scheduled for tomorrow morning. Depending on whether I'm dilated or not, the doctor might admit me into the delivery room. If not, I may have to wait another week and will officially be overdue. Hubby's getting a little worried that I'm not showing any signs of delivering soon. He's afraid something's going to happen to the baby. So far, the baby is still moving rather actively, especially at night. But it is a little weird, seeing how Dania came 3 weeks early and Dina came 2 days before her due date.

I really hope I give birth tomorrow, eventhough it's not a date I particularly like. I know hubby will be in the delivery room with me for the whole ordeal. Though if I gave him a choice, he would prefer to wait it out in the waiting room. Hubby can't stand the sight of blood. At Dania's birth, he almost fainted!! Same went for Dina's. But I think it's important for him to be amongst the first to welcome his child into the world. Plus I personally feel hubbies should be there to support their wives through this life and death situation. Hopefully it makes them feel grateful for what their wives are willing to go through.

I have yet to pack my bag for the hospital trip; I think I'll do that tonight. It's just too hot to be doing anything during the day. Hubby said the weatherman predicted the hot spell might last until September!! Goodness!! Damn this global warming!


The girls are having their mid term exams this week. Here's hoping they do well. School holidays are coming up end of the month but we won't be going anywhere. Maybe just to my parents place. See how I'm doing during confinement.

I'm off to take another shower. Blast this hot weather!!


Yan said...

semoga apa yg along doakan (nak bersalin esok) tercapai.. selagi tak keluar, selagi tu laa dup dap dup dap.. heee..

take care!!

famil said...

do take care and hope everything is well :)

Anonymous said...

kalau delaila @ sjmc, awal2 lagi dah sound kalau tak tahan darah better jangan masuk. nyusahkan dia katanya heheh

get ready to pop that baby out

Mom-On-The-Loose said...

Along, you better teach your hubby to update your blog. I pun tak tentu pasal dap dup dap dup wondering if you've given birth or not. ntah pape ntah kan?? Hope all goes well, tak kisah la early, on time or overdue.

J.A.D said...

along, my hubbs also like yours. Bau air ketuban pun dah pucat lesi gigi apatah lagi darah. So my mom had to be my coach during labour. Nanti paksa dia masuk labor room pengsan, nyusahkan nurses and the dr and tak dapat lak nak azankan anak dia nanti. This time around, I planned to have my labour video taped so that i can force him to watch albeit in a safe environment... last time cuma pictures, tak thrill.. haha..

BTW, gud luck. ur baby is too comfy inside.

Heather said...

Maybe this one is a boy and hence his belatedness.

Along said...

Yan: Tak tercapai hajat. Kena tunggu lagi..hmmm.

Famil: Thanks dude.

TOAJ: Hahaha..itu la, but I still insist on having hubby with me in the delivery room.

MOTL: Ooo..even if I did teach him, he wouldn't take the time to update. Nak soh kabar thru sms pun malas. Hehehe...maybe I should learn to mobile blog instead.

JAD: Wow, u plan to tape your labor? Hmmm...dasat.

Heather: But I thot it was girls who liked to be fashionly late...heee...