Monday, May 04, 2009

1st Day of MC...Still Pregnant

I'm on my first day of leave today. Hubby asked me this morning what time did I intend to wake up.

"Maybe around 10am", I said with a smile.


Last night, I tried to update my boring looking blog template. As a result, I not only made myself dizzy checking out all the available templates online but I also lost my blogroll list. Grrr...I tried to recall a few from memory but I know I've missed out a few. I still intend to change the layout. Maybe I should list down my blogroll list in Notepad or something before I start tweaking again.

Joe mentioned since we had bought so much Anakku stuff, he wouldn't have to buy me anything else. Haha..actually there are a few more items on my shopping list. BIG items. Items Joe can buy for me. Hehehehe..

1. A baby bath tub. This was actually my mom's request. She's been having some pain in the arms so she's worried she wouldn't be able to hold the baby during bath time. She asked whether we could buy the kind of baby tub where you can just the baby sitting upright without having to hold it. I think this is what she meant.

I saw a tub like this when we were in Parkson yesterday. I think it cost like RM85. Rather expensive.

2. A car seat. The old car seat is not suitable for a newborn. Plus all the padding is nearly gone. When we first got it for Dania, it was 2nd hand anyway, so I think we need to get a new one for this baby. I want one that we can use from birth up to 4-5 years old. I know these cost more but in the long run, it would make more sense than buying a carrier now AND a car seat later on. Hubby and I have looked at a few and depending on the brand, a new car seat would cost us between RM400 to RM2000.

Other than those two things, I think we're pretty set for the baby's arrival. Now if it would just hurry up and get here already!!


jayen said...

You can always look up your blog at the Internet Archives -

This is what your blog looked like 2 and a half years back - see if the blogroll list is complete.

Along said...

Thanks jayen. Did that and found lots of old blogs I used to visit but lost the links to.

Anonymous said...

hah! you can keep on dreaming babe.. hahah

Aapitz said...


Nak cari car seat ker...aku nak jual fayyadh punyer nie...die skali carrier, car seat and stroller...graco punyer brand. If interested let me know eks...

Along said...

TOAJ: Huh, dah agak dah.

Aapitz: Yes, interested. Still ok condition, right? How much? Let me know, kay.

Heather said...

Oh I love the green! It's very pretty. You can get those little mesh baby tub screens seperately, and maybe someone else has a tub they can give you? Cheaper than those formed tubs.

fizi said...

love the green!