Tuesday, May 05, 2009

2nd Day of MC....Still Pregnant

This waiting game has gotten me all antsy. For one thing, I'm constantly feeling hot, like I'm baking in an oven. I'm thirsty 24/7, no matter how much I drink. Because the baby is already so big and constantly pushing against my bladder, my toilet trips are like every 10 minutes. I know that once the baby is here and I'm like waking up every 30 minutes to breastfeed, I'll be like all "how I wish I could get more sleep" but for now, I'm just so anxious for this pregnancy to be over.

Yesterday I had a bit of a scare. It wasn't until 3.30pm that I realised the baby hadn't moved much since the night before. I tried shaking my belly, scratching it, patting it, talking to the baby but got no movement. I was beginning to panic and was just about to call hubby when the baby suddenly moved. And then moved a bit more. And then some more. And then it was moving, moving, moving until late last night. Phew!! Eventhough it felt like the baby was trying out new Wushu moves, I didn't dare complain.

Oya, how do you guys like the new template? Rather fresh, don't you think? It took me a while to decide which one to go for since there are so many nice ones out there. I think I'll stick with this one for a while.

Yesterday hubby and I discussed names for the baby. I can't believe hubby doesn't have any lined up already. I think it's because he doesn't know the sex yet. I already have my names selected, for both boy and girl. Maybe I should be the one naming this baby for a change.

I'm going down to watch the rerun of last night's Amazing Race. I still can't believe one team lost a spot in the Final Three because they stopped to pee!! Crazy!!