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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Mee Bandung Success

Today was yet another tired day at the office. Add to the fact that we all didn't wake up for sahur, the office was freezing. REALLY FREEZING!! I felt my veins shrinking. Is that possible? Tomorrow I'm bring socks. And maybe my gloves if I can find them. How hard is it to type with gloves on your hands? It's the raining season, for crying out loud, do they really have to put the aircon on full blast?!! Grrr...

Today I cooked for our break fast. I COOKED!! Hah, that's been a while. Yet another miracle during this holy month. Since hubby and I had promised each other not to visit the Pasar Ramadhan, I decided to check the trusty website for recipes.

It's not that I don't like cooking, it's just that I don't like having to think about what to cook.

After browsing for a few minutes, I decided today I would cook Mee Bandung. Yummy!!
I knew the kids would love it because they love any kind of mee. I called home to ask Enon to defrost the chicken and bought the rest of the stuff at the grocery store on the way home.

Since both Enon and I were first timers at cooking mee bandung from scratch, we followed the recipe closely. Since we were both fasting, we couldn't really taste the soup until it was time to break fast.
And it was delicious!! If I must say so myself. [smug look]. Even hubby (who was kind of sceptical when I told him I was going to cook for break fast) loved it. Yeah for me!!
*picture taken from EatingAsia


Heather said...

Good job! You know it is easier to know what to cook if you plan ahead and make a menu for the week. Saves money too.

theotheraj said...

apsal takleh rasa lak? boleh la, takat rasa kat hujung lidah..

dillazag said...

Mak aii!! You have time to cook? By the time I come out from the jam-packed parking lot in Menara TM and get home. There's only enough time to go visit the PaRams, my dear...
heh heh heh
*Alasan malas masak... hah hah hah

Z said...

alaaaaaa..teringatnye mee bandung kat muar tu!!!

famil said...

malangnya di bandung tidak ada mee bandung mahupun mee jawa.

Perkara2 Yang Tidak Mengapa Dilakukan Oleh Mereka Yang Berpuasa

7. Merasai makanan

Merasai makan adalah dibolehkan dengan syarat selagi mana tidak sampai memasuki tenggorokan (tekak dan salur makanan). Ini adalah berdasarkan riwayat dari Ibnu Abbas radhiallahu ‘anhuma: “Tidak mengapa merasai cuka atau sesuatu yang lainnya dalam keadaaan sedang berpuasa selagi mana tidak sampai ke tenggorokan.” (Hadis Riwayat al-Bukhari secara muallaq (4/154 – Fathul Bari), dimaushulkan (disambungkan/disebutkan sanadnya) oleh Ibnu Abi Syaibah (3/47), al-Baihaqi (4/261) melalui dua jalan. Hadis ini hasan, lihat “Taqliqut Taqliq” (3/151-152))

Along said...

Heather: Yes, it's times like this I love the internet. So easy to find what you need.

AJ: Memang rasa hujung lidah...tapi takde le sama ngan rasa telan ke tekak. Hee..

Diila: Itu ni office - home 20 minutes. Later, after we move...mesti x sempat masak punya. Uwaaaa...

Z: Yep. The best ever mee bandung is in muar. Rindu jugak!!

Famil: Pergh...siap bagi hadis!! Hehehe...tq. After this I will make sure I taste but not swallow my cooking. :D

Ha'a..kenapa tiada mee bandung di bandung? Pikirkan...

Heather said...

Tag, you're it!

theotheraj said...

bukan je takde mee bandung, sirap bandung pun takde