Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Movie Review - Wall-E

I had to wait until hubby was home to see this movie because the girls wanted to watch it as a whole family. Fortunately it was still showing in the theaters. Eventhough it was quite last minute, we managed to get tickets at Pyramid, only because they weren't showing it anymore at IOI (our usual movie lurking ground).

Now I realise why we love IOI so much and not the other "premium" places; the ticket prices. RM10 for an adult and Rm8 for a child. Fortunately Dina entered free but then she demanded popcorn so it all added up. But yes, the seats were much nicer (and cleaner) and eventhough we were quite up front (Row C), we didn't experience any of that "mega TV" effect; you know where you have to scan the screen left to right to see the whole scene because you're too up front.

The kids had seen the previews so they basically knew part of the storyline. They loved Wall-E and laughed at all the funny antics. When Eva landed, Dania asked "is that Wall-E's girlfriend?" Heee...apparently yes.

What do I think of this movie? I loved it and more importantly, the girls loved it too. I think Pixar did another excellent job. The animation was flawless (I loved the part where Wall-E brushes his hand against the Milky Way on the way to the Axiom) and the storyline had a simple yet deep meaning. Even the kids understood; if you don't take care of your home (Earth) one day we'll all have to live in space.

I loved all the characters especially M-O, that dude robot that kept cleaning everything. He was hilarious! I also loved the fact that the hero of the movie was a dudette, Eva. I mean I know the movie is about Wall-E but it is Eva who saves him and is the ultimate "Jack Bauer" of the movie. Other than "directive" I was half expecting her to say "Yippee Kaiyeah M*****F*****!!". Hahaha...Eva is Baddass!! Me likey.

Though I did think the movie dragged on a bit at the end, I loved the way it ended. If you see this, make sure you stay until the credits. The graphics and storyline give you hope.

Because if anything, Wall-E is also about hope. In our darkest hour, when everyone else has given up, if we believe in ourselves and have hope....anything is possible.

Verdict: 4 1/2 stars out of 5.


Anonymous said...

i go for pyramid over ioi anytime hahah.. and it's not just the cinema alone

animation dia cool gila, almost life-like. siap dengan camera angle as if taken by a real camera.

jayen said...

sorry to nitpick .. it's EVE O.o

Along said...

AJ: I like IOI because it's near...not hard to find need to pay tol..and cheaper overall. Tapi kalau nak window shopping, nicer SP la.

Jayen: ke? But I heard Wall-E say it like Eva. Even my kids said Eva. Takpela, she'll be Eva in our books...:P.

Z said...

aku lum tgk wall-e. and i prefer ioi for the same reason. hahah.

Anonymous said...

senang ke nak cari parking ioi? aku rasa senang lagi SPy. and aku takyah bayar tol nak ke SPy haha.. alamanda ada GSC what, tak pi sana?

EVE la.. Wall-E sebut bunyi jadi Ee-vah. adam excited mula2, tapi towards the end dia dah bosan. ye la, dia dok expect action animation, tapi basically love story..