Thursday, September 18, 2008

Die Mickey, Die!!

I have a new reason for being happy about our move to the new house. We have an uninvited guest here.

We have a mouse!!

Eeekkk!! Eeekkk!! Eeeekkk!!

I suspected something was up last week when we found some of our green apples with teeth marks on them. At first I pointed the finger at Dina (sian adik) but upon using my forensic CSI skills, I determined the teeth marks to be too small and too deep for a small girl. What's more Dina loves green apples. And more importantly, she knows the wrath of her mother that would descend if she were to ever pull such a stunt.

Until this morning. During sahur. Dania, Enon and myself were having toast when suddenly...


Mak ai, terkujat aku. My heart dropped several stories down, like an elevator with snapped cables.

I turned around but the mouse was gone. It had gone upstairs, apparently to look for food since the kitchen was clean and there were no leftovers from last night's dinner.

I screamed for hubby. "Please get up and find that mouse!!!"

Hubby came down, sleepy face and all. "Tomorrow la. Don't worry, the mouse is more afraid of you than you are of it."

Grrrr...that's not the point. The point is we have a vermin in the house. One that poops and pisses all over the place. One that may climb onto our beds and run around, spreading its germs and diseases.


Dania quickly got up and went to the phone. "Calling Super Wan, please come here and bring your mouse trap. we have a mouse in the house."

She called three times, in fact; the second time before she went for school and the third time when she got home. "Wan, do you not understand the severity of the situation. The mouse might bite someone. Then who's to blame?"

Hmm...sabar je la.
Whatever it is, I hope we catch that mouse and get rid of it soon. Now, thanks to my wild imagination, I keep seeing little mice noses peeking from under the doors and the tails hanging from the shelves. Ahh, god help me.


raggedyanne said...

this reminds me so much of phoebe's pet mouse in one episode of Friends :)

one word babe, Willard *shivers*

Along said...

Hahahah...yeah, I remember that episode. And then the mouse made out with her "brother" and had babies...lots of them. Hahahaha...

Oh you've got me really freaked out!!


i once took a hockey stick and whacked a mouse with it. bersepai otak dia!! muahahhaha.... kan u imagine it now?? can u? can u?? and once, a mouse bit my big toe masa aku tgh tido. yesss... u must be getting worried now..

saje aku nak bagi ko trauma long... as long as the mouse doesn't make an appearance this sunday sudah. mau aku kejar n jirus ngan air panas nanti.

Along said...

OK that does it. Noresh...u are officially my EEEEVVVVIIIILLLL friend.
ps: Just in case, aku masak air panas banyak2 utk ko..

Heather said...

When I lived with my parents still, one winter it was very cold and we got a mouse in the house. It would come through a crack in my closet and I would feed it scraps of food. It had babies and the got all over the house and my mom and I chased on around the living room like a Three Stooges comedy and she caught it. It was so tiny! She put it outside, but my dad killed most of them with traps.

Anonymous said...

that could be michael j fox you know