Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Why haven't I updated my blog in a week? Things haven't been that busy.

Why is the guard announcing the Ramadhan sale downstairs for the umpteenth time? I heard you the first time, and I'm still not going!! Just give it up dude.

Why am I like the only one who has not yet seen The Dark Knight? This totally sucks. I thought someone was going to give me free tickets, alas, that didn't come through. Is the DVD out yet?

Why am I more freaked out about Dania losing another tooth than she is? She's growing up too fast. Someone, make her stop!!

Why does Dina like to sing that "hungry fish" song from Dibo the Gift Dragon? Now it's constantly in my head. Sometimes, I find myself humming it unconsciously. This is so annoying. This happened with that darn Teletubbies song when Dania was little. "Tingky Winky....dipsy....ARGGHHHH!!!!"

Why am I so anxious over the good things that have happened these past few days? It's like I feel I'm not deserving and that God is going to take everything back any second now. I refuse to celebrate because of this feeling.

Why am I looking forward AND dreading to our moving day? I love the fact we're starting anew and the girls are getting their own room and that the neighbourhood and schools would be better (I hope). I hate the fact I have find boxes and pack everything and then find a (reliable) mover and then unpack everything. Life would be so much better if I had magic powers like Samantha from Bewitched or Harry Potter. Maybe not Harry, Hermoine would be a better choice.

Why did management decide to decorate the halls with mega movie posters? Now everytime I come through the door, I'm greeted first by that HUGE face of Mike Myers from Love Guru look. Not really a fun way to start the day. Were there no posters of Edward Norton's The Incredible Hulk?!! Seriously, some people have no taste.


Practically Joe said...

Why oh why am I being asked why so many times? Seriously ... if some good things happened recently ... you are being rewarded ... savor them ... take advice from a worrier ... don't worry ... be happy.

Along said...

OK, let us both take your advice. No more worrying...just be happy. Life too short anyway, right.