Monday, September 08, 2008

Time For Our 7 Year Itch

Last night, as the clock struck midnight, he turned to me and whispered "Anniversary Sayang."

I replied...."YOU REMEMBERED!!!"

7 years as husband and wife.

7 years of living under the same roof.

7 years of driving each other crazy.

7 years of being madly in love.

7 years with our share of ups and downs.

7 years of learning to read each others mind.

7 years of laughter, tears, hugs and kisses.

7 years...and here's hoping to many more. 

Happy 7th anniversary sayang. Thanks for being the best husband in the world. Words can't express how much I love you. You are my rock and my source of comfort. You always bring out the best in me even when I'm feeling my lowest. Thank you for loving me like no other and for making our fairy tale come true.

"Love is just more than walking into each other's's about walking together in the same direction."


famil said...


Here's a toast for another years of happiness.

Along said...

Thanks Famil. Hang bile lagi?:D

Anonymous said...

happy anniversary babe.. if not because of kedah cuti jumaat & sabtu, we would've the same anniversary date heheh

so what are you going to do about that 7 year itch? :D

ila de cute said...

Happy Anniversary Along and Hubby! you are sharing the same with Kak Muffy and her hubby... may u both stay in love forever...

dillazag said...

hey there. happy anniversary to you both. our 6th was on the 7th september, spent the day doing nothing much. heh heh heh

to many many more happy years to come, along!

Heather said...

Happy Day!

Practically Joe said...

Wow! good job you two. That adds up to 56 years. Hmmmm ... I thought you were a bit younger.

Happy Anniversary!!!

Aapitz said...

Happy Anniversary Along...! Congratulations...

Hope years coming will be full with bless, happiness, love and babies..

knv said...

many happy returns!

Along said...

AJ: The itch will have to remain as it is. Hahahha...r u volunteering to scratch?

Ila: Kak Muffy lagi dah veteran kot...hehehe..thanks for the wishes.

Dilla: Happy anniversary to u too. Yeah, spending time 2gether just doing nothing also sounds a lot like what we did. :D

Heather: Thanks!!

Joe: How's ur maths??!! You added up all the 7s? Heheheh..that would make us old...almost as old as you..:p. Thanks for the wishes.

Apit: I hope you find happiness too. Thanks for the wishes.

Arina: Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Very belated, but happy anniversary to you and your hubby! Here's to many, many more 7 year itches to come. :)

Anonymous said...

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