Thursday, May 29, 2008

Worst Album Covers Ever

I'm still waiting for my brother to finish editing the pictures from Dania's birthday party so until then I bring you...


The Brothers Johnson: Look Out For #1.

Good god, I get love guitars. In fact you love them so much, they give you massive orgasms!! Shheeeeshh...

The Rolling Stones in Concert: Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out!

I dunno what a Ya-Ya is but if it's gonna make me run up and down the road like a crazed king wannabe with a guitar and a drum-wearing donkey by my side, I think I'll pass. But then again, every concert should have a donkey...hehehe.

Tim Riley: A Rainbow in Curved Air.

Apparently Tim came up with the "using your forehead as an advertising site" idea first.

Rob & Fab: self-titled

What happened to these guys? Apart from getting caught ermmm...not singing...and having to give back their Grammies. Plus I think one of them died from a drug overdose. Hmmm, I used to like these guys, I mean..come on, look at those bods!! Hehehe..but what's with the pose in this picture? It's like the photo sessions lasted for 10 hours and they couldn't even get one toilet break to ease themselves. Heh..

Jim Post: I Like My Life.
Really, Jim? Really? Coz the expression on your face tells me differently. Or maybe it's because you have ice cold water splashed all over your shoulder and that Tom Selleck moustache of yours can't cover enough of you to feel warm and fuzzy.

Heino: Liebe Mutter
The dyed hair, the thick-rimmed glasses, the black "funeral" suit, the roses, the lazy eye. What exactly is the message here? A part of me is afraid to find out.

Freddie Gage: All My Friends Are Dead
I cannot find any occasion where this album would be appropriate. A funeral for really, really old people? Maybe. This wins the award for Most Depressing Album ever.

ABBA: Gracias Por La Musica
Ahh...Thank You For The Music. And also thank you for the laughs. Look...they're even laughing at themselves. Pastels have never looked so bad.

Orleans: Waking and Dreaming
Thank god none of them had any major chest hairs. But still...why?!! Somehow 5 guys naked and embracing is not my idea of a's a nightmare!!


raggedyanne said...

omfg! this is hilarious along! where do you get all these?

really made my friday la...

moby said...

Ewww .... Milli Vanilli! That and the last cover .... so very gay!

Along said...

Anne: Hehehehe...this is the result of site surfing in the wee hours of the morning. Glad it made you chuckle...

Moby: Ahhh...don't tell me you didn't dance to the song "Don't Foget My Number". Hehehehe...but that last cover..yeah, like what were these guys smoking when they did it?