Friday, May 09, 2008

Dania's Birthday - Planning in the Works 1

These few days at home has given me some time to wind down. Things have been on an emotional high these couple of days, that curling up in bed with a good book has done wonders in bringing me back down to earth.

Whatever it is, I still have so much to be grateful for.

Spending more time with the girls also has been a major plus. Since I've been itching to find something to take my mind of things, I decided to go ahead and plan for Dania's 6th birthday which is coming soon.

What the hell, she's going to have the princess birthday party she's always wanted.

I've designed the invitation cards (as best as I can) with Dania's help (she gave pointers on what images to use). Next we'll draw up the guest list, who will most probably just consist of her schoolmates and her friends from Yamaha. Hubby wanted to keep it short and simple; it's not like we're preparing for her wedding (yet!!), he said.

Ah, men. They want to help yet sometimes they take the fun out of "funtastic" without even realising it.

I still have decorations, food, activities for the kids (Dania wanted games for her friends, so most probably my SIL is going to be made gamemaster for this...and she doesn't know it yet!!. Hah!!) to think of. I've done tons of surfing on the web for ideas but somehow the more ideas I find, the more overwhelmed I get.

We still haven't figured out the most important aspect of the party; when to have it. Dania's birthday falls on the 31st which is smack in the middle of school holidays. Our concern is that if we have it then, a lot of her friends might not be able to make it, seeing how they might be on holiday or balik kampung. We could delay it for another week but I don't think Dania will be able to handle any postponement on the most important day of her life. Hah!

Ah well, the planning continues.


Heather said...

Birthdays at that age are great! They are so excited about it all, no matter how you celebrate. My daughter is 14, and refused to have a party last time. She just wanted to go out for a "family only" dinner, which we did. It was nice, but cake and balloons are so much fun. =D

maizmalik said...

Along, wahhh xcited nya nak besday! I LIKE! hehe
Eh Along, if you'd like anything with princess theme for the goodie bag, please let me know :) contohnye sticker princess, pencil, bags dan apa sahaja yg princess. Maiz bleh provide at a cheaper price from the market price. Kalau interested, let me know ya...nanti Maiz provide quotation dan sample.
Thank you & take care.