Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Mother's Day Celebration - Petrosains Trip

We were suppose to open the spa today but unfortunately our staff got food poisoning so we had to call up and postpone our clients' appointments to another time. Urgh...nasib baik clients very understanding.

Seeing how I didn't want to spend another day stuck at home, I suggested to hubby that we take the girls to Petrosains. They were having a Mother's Day special; free entrance fee for Mom's with one child ticket.

We headed out of the house at around 10.30am. Traffic was fine so we arrived at KLCC around 11am. We scouted all the parking places for one that did had a flat rate as some of the parking rates in KLCC was astrominal. We finally found one behind the Conventional Center that charged us RM6 for a whole day. OKlah..

We headed into KLCC and went straight to Level 4 where Petrosains was located. Buying tickets was a breeze but we did have to wait for a while to go on the Dark Ride. The girls were so excited.

The ride was nice and very informative. We had a very interesting time. The girls had fun playing with all the experiments and learning about dinosaurs and stuff like that. They were a bit freaked out with the T-Rex (it was huge) but shrieked with delight when the volcano started erupting.

We spent nearly 3 hours in the Petrosains and would probably had been there longer if not for hubby being extremely hungry. We headed to Chilli's for lunch. Around 4pm, we headed to Bangi to check out the progress of our house.

It was fun but extremely tiring day with the girls. I guess, physically I an still not 100%.

Tomorrow, I'm sleeping in until noon.