Monday, February 04, 2008

This Man Made Me Cry

His name is Paul Pots. He has the most innocent face ever, yet what he is capable of is.....outstanding, to say the least. I've seen this video 100 times and it never gets old. Goosebumps everytime!! Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

He's massive in the UK actually.

One thing about people in other region / country, they dont really go for look. The voted for someone who really can sing, act, or has something special. Unlike people in Malaysia, asal ensem je, and the woman tayang tetek sket, gedik skit buleh laa menang kan !

I know that Simon, and even Amanda Holden did not even expect that he could perform something like that, but hey ..look is not everything !

Well done Mr Potts, am proud of you !. I have seen a documentary about him, in the UK a few days after xmas.

- globerotter -

Along said...

Anon: Yes, after I saw the vieo, I googled him and read his autobio. He has a fantastic background story, a true rags to riches kind. I think he's amazing and I hope he stays as humble as he is now when he gets super famous. I saw his interview with Ellen and Oprah and I think he's just super sweet. So is his wife.

I'm searching for his CD and will buy it to show my support. Go Potts!!