Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Come All and Rejuvenate

Dear Internet,

Yesterday was the start of a new beginning for me. I have decided to take a giant leap (with the blessing of beloved hubby) and take up partnership in my friend's health and beauty spa called IREE Touch. It's something I'm very interested in, actually can see myself contributing towards and perhaps..oh what a very big PERHAPS, doing full time after my contract with my company ends 2010.

As for now, the spa offers a range of services such as listed below:

1. Rejuvenating Full Body Massage (1 hour)
Normal Price: RM80.00
Discounted Price: RM50.00

2. Full Body Reflexology (1 hour)
Normal Price: RM90.00
Discounted Price: 50.00

3. Foot Reflexology (45 min)
Normal Price: RM45.00
Discounted Price: RM35.00

4. Pedicure & Manicure + Henna
Normal Price: RM60.00
Discounted Price: RM40.00

5. Whitening & Hydrating Facial
Normal Price: RM50.00
Discounted Price: RM30.00

We also provide post natal home care services, package customized according to the client's needs.

As our spa is undergoing renovation (the big launch shall be announced soon, insya'allah!!), we provide the abovementioned services at the comfort of the client's home. Just contact me at or my partner, Ida Rafidah at 012-281 6016 to set an appointment. For those who live outside of the Puchong area, some transportation fee may be added on.

What can I say about this big leap I'm taking? For one thing, I just can't stop thinking about it. And in such a good way. In my heart I feel that this could only mean more positive things in life, insya'allah. Thanks so much to my friend for having the trust in welcoming me as her partner.


Anonymous said...

Way to go!!!Along..Fata pun ada terfikir nak buat macam nih..tapi nak merealisasikannya..hehehe Anyway congratulations n g.luck ,u've now become a bussinesswoman!! I like the postnatal service..susah nak carik skang nih.

p/s: Discount sampai bila nih?

Along said...

Fata: Thanks a lot!! Avtually I;m kind of nervous, but since JV ngan a good friend who has experience in this matter, insya'allah...doakan berjaya. Yeah, we're banking on the post natal to be a huge puller, even chinese and indian moms are into it nowadays.

Discount valid for 1st timers. If you become a member, then these prices will apply also. If not, normal price.

Let me know if you wanna try out any of the services..:D

Anonymous said...

saudagar kain wants the full body massage (2 hrs) now!! how?

Along said...

Saudagar kain kena tukar jantina..sekarang ni services only for ladies. Bagitau awek saudagar...bile nak buat facial?


Congrats babe! I'm so proud of you!! It is indeed a big leap of faith but I know you can do it.

I badly need a massage. Nanti aku call ko ye.

ps: kalau nak cakes for launch, jgn lupa aku ye hehehhe... aku bagi special price.

Along said...

Nora: Heee...secara mendadak tak aku ni? Ilham tu mai mendadak jugak..panjang doa aku, rasa teringin tu kuat sangat.

OK, bile2 ko rasa nak kena massage, buzz aku. Rumah dekat hal.

Time launching mesti ingat hang punya...:D

knv said...

congratulations on your new venture!!

many success in the future ok!!

Anonymous said...

Ini tidak adil. Dah ler kena tunggu org facial, tak dapat massage. on ur next jelutong visit, i pay u for 3 hrs, 500 bath cash! tq - half silk ada, kebaya ada, full silk ada. tq

Aapitz said...

well have taken one more big step in your life....and i'm so proud of you for taking this risk as and oppurtunity in your life....

Hope you will success and berjayaaaaaa..!!

- For things to CHANGE, i MUST change FIRST...!! -