Thursday, February 14, 2008

Trip to Kota Kinabalu - Day 3

Before this gets really stale, I better write down what we did on our last day in KK.

Day 3 started late. We overslept. Breakfast was gobbled up in a hurry because we had planned to visit the Sabah zoo, better known as Lok Kawi Wildlife Park. Dania had demanded to see the rhinoceros and hippo, though I seriously doubted we would.

We checked out from the resort at around 9.30am. Unlike our check-in experience, checking out was a breeze. We bid goodbye to the beautiful resort with a slightly heavy heart.

Getting to the zoo took almost 40 minutes. If you're coming from city center, head towards the airport and then keep going straight. Follow the signs saying "Lok Kawi" and soon you'll be seeing signboards that point the way to the zoo. The inner roads were kind of bumpy and we miss the entrance to the zoo once. Fortunately we hadn't gone far up the road so turning back just took us a few minutes.

The parking is quite far from the entrance which is kind of silly, so hubby dropped us off while he went to park the car. I bought the tickets (RM10 for adults, RM5 for children 3 and above) and then we entered.

It was already 10.30am by the time we got to the zoo so the weather was ultra hot. Before long, each of us were sweating bullets. I had my jeans on which made the whole visit a bit unbearable. There were not a lot of animals to look at, maybe a lot of them were taking a nap.

We did get to see some great elephants. They were so cute. One elephant came up real close and if you reached out your hand, you could juuuussttt touch the tip of his trunk. It was phenomenal.

We saw the orang utans but unfortunately we didn't get to see any up close, unlike what was advertised. We saw the usual animals you see in a zoo but unfortunately for Dania, we didn’t see any rhinos and hippos.

An hour later, the weather had gotten too hot to handle, so we headed back to the exit. While hubby went to get the car, the kids and I stopped at the souvenir shop to buy some fridge magnets.

From teh zoo, we headed straight to Terminal 1 to send back the car. Our flight was at 2pm so we had to be at Terminal 2 by at least 1pm. Fortunately traffic was ok and we made it to the airport in good time. After checking in, we spent a few minutes touring the airport and buying some much needed drinks.

Everyone was poofed thanks to the zoo trip so we all slept on the flight home. Fortunately we got a whole row of seats to ourselves so the kids were able to lie down and get comfortable.

We arrived at LCCT at around 4.30pm. Ibu was already waiting for us so we then headed back to my parents' home for dinner.

What did I think about Lok Kawi Wildlife Park? Eh. Oklah I suppose but it was just too hot for us to enjoy the animals. We probably should have started our trip much earlier. The elephants were wonderful but other than that, I think our visit to the Sunway Petting zoo was much nicer and educational.

Overall, we all had a great time in KK. I wished we could have stayed longer, maybe we could have enjoyed the city center more. We didn't even have time to buy any prawns! Oh well, maybe next time.

ps: can't upload any pictures yet so I'll edit this post later.