Friday, February 15, 2008

Why is Good Help So Hard to Find?

My maid is a dofus.

She's been with us for 4 months plus now and she's just as hopeless as the first day she arrived.

Cooking = hopeless. Unless I specifically spell out the menu of the day, the kids would either eat fried chicken or fried fish. Or fried chicken. Or fried fish. With vege. Vege soup. If she's really not in the mood, then just eggs. Bloodyhell!! Even with the teachings of my MIL (for months now), her menu is still the same. Even the girls, who are not picky eaters, are starting to complain. Boringlah bu, balik2 makan benda sama je.

I don't think it's because she can't cook. She has 2 grown kids already, come on lah. When I asked her whether she cooked for her family back home, she said "ada, tapi tak sedap." Masya'allah, from there we can see her reluctance to learn.

Relationship with the girls = strained. I don't want to boast, but my kids are pretty friendly. And they have manners. But with my maid, it's like the kids can just sense that she doesn't really like them. When I asked her if she had ever taken care of kids before (she claimed to have worked in Saudi for 5 years), she said, "saya jaga rumah saja."

Housecleaning = average. She claims she's only 40 years old, but then she admitted to my MIL that she had menopause a few years back. I suspect she's more like 47-48. She sweeps and mops the house every morning but that's pretty much it. I have to tell her to clean the windows, or clean the glass surfaces. Her dishwashing skills are also sub par; so many times have I found spoons and forks still greasy. Even my dad, who normally never complains, complained about his favorite cup still having coffee stains at the bottom. Sigh..kata pandai jaga rumah, takkan basuh pinggan pun nak ajar kot.

And today she did yet another stupid thing. She locked herself out of her room and couldn't find the key.

Luckily none of the girls were inside the room but Dania had to get ready for her Kafa school and all her clothes were inside my maid's room. I had to rush back home during lunch, despite having told my maid where to find the keys to the room.

When I got home, I found the key and turn the lock. Door = open.

"Oooo, putarnya ke kanan, Saya putar ke kiri."

Geramnya aku!!!!!

I don't think I can stand a year with my maid, what more 2 years. I've got to send her back soon and get a replacement. Ala, more money in the wind but what to do.

Takkan anak2 aku nak makan fried chicken manjang.


lieawulf said...

having trouble with you maid ek? my mom had the same problem years ago, finally she decided to stop working and stayed at home...tapi itu kire cam last resort and she wanted a 'vacation' from work lah. 10 years after that, she went back to work. kitorang dah besa2 so it was quite manageable lah.

well along, i think you better ask for a replacement. she'll definitely drive u up the wall. bunyi cam malas ur maid tu. so good luck with ur 'maid-hunting' hahaha.

knv said...

eiii! bencinya dapat maid bodoh nih! same as mine! rasa nak berasap kepala kalau datang depa punya bodoh tu!

sabar along. and pls get the replacement soon. sometimes depa ni nak aim dapat duit je. tapi badan dah tak larat nak kerja. sabar ajelah!!

famil said...

agree. send her back,

wang boleh dicari.. keamanan jiwa raga tak dapat ditukar ganti

its so hard to get a decent maid nowadays. satu degan ejen kat indon yg kuat putar alam, dua ejen kat malaysia yang dua kali lima putar alamnya, and third, the maid itself.

saw lots of my friends had troubel with their maid. so different from 15 years ago. some even had to quit the job to man the house.. gara2 maid lari.

Anonymous said...

I don't trust maids. Period! I believe the minority are the ones that are really good and can be trusted. More like a family friend.

The rest? Pffft!

Maybe maids need to be certified. You know? Have an IQ test or something?

Along said...

LW: I wish I could stop working and become FTHW but the conditions do not allow it right now. Nak ask for replacement from the agent..huh, mimpilah. Even tho the agent is my AUNT!!!

Ana: I intend to replace here ASAP. Sekarang tengah usya and doa banyak2. Kesian kat my kids actually...

Famil: Yes, it's all a conspiracy. Kita buat baik, tak agen, maid tu yg naik kepala. So far my maids all ok, cuma habis contract depa balik nak dok ngan famili. But this time, dapat maid yg kepala kureng betul sket...arghhh..

Moby: My previous maid was like my younger sister...but the agent lied to us and gave her a false visa. ARGHHH, sakitnya hati!!
IQ test? Yeah...I would settle for Kemahiran Hidup test, you know..learn to cook, iron, clean..etc.


alamak... ni yg susah if the agent is a relative. kalau org luar, dah boleh sound2 habis.

anyway, i think your maid memang nak duit free je kot sebab buat keje slack semacam je. u better change quick for the sake of the girls.