Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Spa Shopping Spree

So last night Ida and I went to CaVeNzI to select some furniture for the spa center. Ida was on "chummy chummy" terms with one of the salesman there, as she had bought most of her home furniture there also. As a result, we got quite a discount for the following items:

1. 2+3 sofa, for the manicure and pedicure/waiting area.
2. 3 coat hangers, to hang the bathrobes and for clients to hang their clothes.
3. 1 divider, to separate the waiting area and the activity/prayer room.
4. 7 shelf shoe rack, for clients to place their shoes and take the slippers before entering the spa.
5. 1 long wall mirror, dunno where to place yet but most probably in the activity/prayer room.

All in all, RM2+++ je. OKlah just to buy a few stuff for the pantry area and the office. Itu, kat Giant/Tesco?Carrefore je pun ok.

Tomorrow we'll be shopping for the jacuzzi, sauna and other "major" items for the spa. Hopefully we can get good discounts. It's been a a daunting process, researching all the items because this is our hard earned money we're using to buy all of these stuff. We're also looking for a nearby apartment for our staff, teh nearest so far is Koi Tropika. So if anyone knows of an apartment to let in Koi Tropika, please let us know. Thanks.

Also thanks to all my friends and family members who have shown tremendous support for the spa so far. I've received emails and sms's asking for vouchers for friends and officemates. You guys are the greatest.


Anonymous said...

No pictures of the big decorating task? Or do I have to wait until the big reveal? :D

(hey, I know I'm in Singapore but if you want free advertising, let me know) ;)

Along said...

No pictures yet as currently the spa is just one big (oklah, not that big) empty space. Unless you want pictures of cement floors and white walls, I'll be happy to accommodate. Hee.. advertising. I'm salivating at the offer. If you're ever in KL, let me know. I'll give you a free foot spa....I know how much you love shopping! :D

cysev3n said...

wahhh along.. terujanya dengar.. congrats ek walaupun dah lambat.. bertimpa2 posting pasal spa ni -) harus amik gamba kaw2 masa launch nanti..

all the best to you + ur partner!