Monday, April 03, 2006

Everyone..Commence Panic Mode!!

God damn it!! This happens every year. Hubby’s birthday is next Monday and of course, I’m strapped for cash and out of ideas for what to get him. I asked him what he wanted and with a grin, he said a Toyota Wish would be nice. Suuurrrree, let me just check my savings account…wonderful, just enough to make half a months’ payment. Yippeee!!

I only have myself to blame. I’ve spoilt hubby with extravagant presents every birthday and anniversary that he’s begun to expect them. Sure, he doesn’t ask for them, but if I were to not buy him anything for next week, you can bet he’ll feel some kind of disappointment.

Thing is, I love buying hubby presents. I love seeing his face, the way it lights up when he opens up the wrapping and sees what I have for him.

I need ideas. I think gadget-wise, he’s pretty much set. I could take him out for lunch but that’s sounds just so lame. So people!! Put on your thinking caps and give me some ideas on what to get for hubby. Many thanks in advance.


I was on mc today. My illness, the one I thought was in remission, has reared its ugly head again. I went to the doctor and she gave me some pain killers, antibiotics and something for the swelling. There’s not much else I can do but pray that the things just subsides and doesn’t get any worse. I’ll hate to have to go for the operation again.


Joe said...

a gift that can ease your tax burden: a book :-)

Syikin said...

hehe..bak kata aznil nawawi, nak present kat lelaki ni bagilah wallet, sebabnya wallet kat poket seluar belakang, bila duduk atas kerusi, wallet tu kena hempap dulu..dah barai..

or, bagi dia new hp yg lagi canggih drp sedia ada tu, or bagi dia jam tangan impiannya or kasut, or baju or bawak dia p honeymoon..hehehe

p.s. saya tadi risau along tak update blog..tengok2 update, yes!

Along said...

Joe: A book? Errr..hubby isn;t the reading kind of guy. Nowadays he only reads car magazines and the Ikea catalog when he goes to teh toilet. Hahahaha...

Syikin: Wallet? Ok gak cadangan tu, wallet my huby pun nampak macam dah lusuh dah. Jam tangan? Takyah lah, my hubby tak pakai somo2 tu. Dia rimas, dia kata nanti nak ambik air sembahyang, nak kena bukak, lepas tu dia lupa dia letak mana. Manyak songel. Kasut pun baru je dia beli. Bawak pi honeymoon..bulan 5 ni insya'allah kitaorg pi Bali. Tapi tu kononnya b'day present along.:D

Syikin said...

eh..awak dah siha ke? jahatnya kita tak tanya kabar awak.

waow..p bali..bestnya. nanti tangkp gambor banyak2 ya..masuk dlm entri. best dpt pasangan suka melancong ni.

CP said...

Okay, I don't understand what everyone else wrote, except the word wallet and Joe's suggestion of a book. But, when I am in a pinch? I do a "date night" with hubby. He loves that. We dress up (doesn't cost a thing), we take a ride to a beach (any beach, doesn't cost a thing). I usually give him something special, like a mixed tape of "our songs" (although, now it would be mixed CD). Or, I will get a beautiful pic of the kids and frame it for him...for his desk. Lets think...I've packed picnics for us. He likes those. All his favorite foods. I got him a huge toolbox once. With all the drawers in it? He loved that. You can also make "slave" coupons that he can "cash in" for *ahem* little favors. EVERY guy likes those...*hee hee*

Hope this helps...a little!


Along said...

Syikin: I'm not doing so good but the painkillers are helping a bit.

CP: You came!!! To my humble blog. I am rather ashamed, my blog seems so inferior compared to yours. Thanks for the tips. I'll think I'll give those "slave" coupons a try. Sounds like massive fun!!!