Thursday, April 13, 2006

Because The Girls Have to Earn Their Keep Somehow…

Hubby had the girls helping him wash the car last Monday. Nothing like organizing child labor to bring a family closer together.

The kids had a blast, playing with the soap and water.
Dina was mesmerized with the sponge and kept pressing it to make all the soap come out.

Most of the water went all over each other, instead of the car. I had a good mind to stay out of squirting range, with towels in hand.


sity29 said...

wowwww... remind me of the good old days ....i used to wash the car with my siblings ahahhaha.. most of the water went to us not the car ehehhe.. it was real fun!!!

Syikin said...

along..masa saya kecik2 dulu biasa gak tolong ayah basuh keta naknya tak de anak lelaki besor.:)

sukalah depa dpt basuh keta tu sbb dpt main air n buih sabun..kita yg penat nak bersihkan depa:)

mumsgather said...

Oh I wish I could do that with the kids. That looks like such fun. We used to help out with the car washing too. But now, I have no porch cos I live in an apartment.

Along said...

sity: Yeah, me too. My dad used to kerah our tenaga habis-habisan. Hhahaha..

Syikin: my hubby bagus. After dah basuh kete, dia mandikan anak2 kat luar tu. Along tunggu kat tepi ngan towel jer.

MG: Ye lah. Stay at apt susahlah want to wash car. But nevermind, can always frind other ways to use your "cild labor". Hehehe

lieawulf said...

they seemed to be having a great fun! Redefining child labor hehehe

Syikin said...

untung Along dpt suami rajin bantu.
eh..bila nak update blog?