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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Deep Questions...

I was watching House the other day. I love this series because Dr. House is hot in a weird kind of way and the cases they solve usually makes me think about deep subjects.

Take for instance this weeks’ case. A married couple, wife is very sick. Mood swings, severe tiredness, etc, etc. House and the gang finally figure out that the wife could be suffering from this African something disease. Treatment for this disease will cure her immediately but it could also kill her, if the doctors diagnosed her wrongly. Thing is, wife has never been to Africa. So the only way she could have gotten the disease (if she has it) is by catching it from someone else, either through blood transfusion or sex. Wife has never received any blood transfusion. Hubby has never been to Africa either. Conclusion? DING DING DING!! Wife was having an affair and caught the disease from her lover.

Now the questions are:
Would you, as the spouse, allow your wife/hubby to receive this treatment, being fully aware of the consequences? If the treatment works, it means your spouse has been cheating on you. If the treatment doesn’t work, it means your spouse has been faithful and could now possibly die.
Let’s say the treatment works. Ok, so your spouse DID cheat on you. Do you
Be thankful for getting a second chance together and try to work things out?
See this as the ultimate betrayal and leave your spouse?

I want to see some answers in the comments. Come on, my 2 loyal readers, give me some insights.

I guess it wouldn’t be fair for me to ask these questions and not give my replies as well. For question 1, yes, I would allow my spouse to receive treatment, if the doctors have tried everything else and are 99.99% sure that the disease is that African thingy. I say yes not because I believe hubby would ever cheat on me but because if I just sit there and do nothing, there’s a possibility he’ll die anyway. I would rather let him go, knowing that I did everything possible within my power to make him better, than to nurse the feeling that he is a saint and would never do me wrong.

As for question 2, well, that’s a tricky one. I guess it’s easy to make decisions when you’re not being forced into the situation. I would have to say, as much as I would be relieved that hubby is alive, adultery is just one sin I could never forgive and forget. Especially in the case in House, where the wife cheated with the hubby’s best friend. Man, that would totally suck. So yeah, I would choose (b) and leave hubby.


hazel said...

ouch. very deep. I love House too, managed to catch them when going back to in-laws only. OK, as for the Q, I will allow the treatment.. as for the 2nd, man, yeah, I *think* I'll leave. But being a father to our kids, haiyoo.. susahnya nak jawab. nasib baik soalan SPM takde macam ni!!

Syikin said...

soalan 1 tu, mesti undergo for the least kita mencuba. ajal n maut di tgn Allah. kalau dia meninggal, itu dah tersurat dia meninggal.

soalan 2, susahnya nak jawab. 99% i'll leave and have a new life.

tpkan ada real story, ada kakak ni, laki dia cheated on her, dan kakak ni minta dilepaskan, tapi laki dia tak mo lepaskan. yg dia sedih sangat tu, dia dpt gambar2 suami wat light projek ngan wanita tu, like kissing n surprisingly gambar girl tu naked yg suami dia amik sendiri!!! saya tgk semua gambar tu yg dia jadikan bukti utk minta cerai..ya Allah, rasanya saya nak tikam2 jer jantan tu...punyalah jahat punya'uzubillah.

Anonymous said...

It is always easier said than done. I have had a friend whose husband played puck with the maid, and who did she chase out? Kwang kwang kwang...the maid! And just imagine if you found your hubby sending out very suggestive emails + pics to an ex and when you confront him, he blamed the ex (who never reciprocated except to laugh it off). Would you accept him back?

Along said...

Hazel: Haha..kalau soalan SPM macam ni habislah.

Syikin: Memang tak guna jantan yg macam tu. Baguslah jugak dia ada bukti2 kebangapan laki dia tu. Life is too short to spend it with a jerk like that.

Anony: I would certainly throw the husband out of the house. Of course, for me it's a bit easier coz I'm working and I'm not financially depended on hubby. I sympathize with those who can't leave their womenizing husbands because they have small children and have no means of supporting themselves.

ninuk said...

each case is unique and only Allah can guide to the right decision. all others around - be ready to support. that's the way i am freak about having some level of financial and emotional independence ...

cncz said...

salam alaikoum. i would give the treatment and pack bags while he was in the hospital.

Anonymous said...

rejam sampai mati!! hahahah...

Along said...

Ninuk: Yes, I believe it's important for women to have emotional support, especially in cases like these. Financially, insya'llah, ada rezeki di mana2. Set up a small warong selling nasi lemak also can survive.

cncz: Yep, that's what I would do also. I don't think I would be able to face hubby if he cheated on me.

Anony: Wah, sungguh ganas!!!! Sabar!! Eventhough when you think of it, according to Islam, that would be the right punishment for cheating spouses.