Thursday, April 13, 2006

And We Return To Our Normally Scheduled Program..

Yes everybody. I’m doing ok. Thank you to those who stopped by and gave words of encouragement. I had the operation last Thursday and was warded for just one night. I remember the Wednesday night before, undecided on whether to go to work the next day. I had a meeting scheduled at 10am, so initially I had decided to go in for my 10 o’clock meeting then get hubby to drive me to the hospital. No can do. 6am found me already found me in profound pain that I decided to go directly to the hospital and get the operation over and done with.

It took me forever to get ready, partly because the pain had gotten so bad that I could hardly walk. Finally we all bundled into the car around 9.30am. The kids were still in their pajamas so after dropping me off at the hospital, hubby drove the kids and Nisa to my mom’s house. He asked one of the porters to take me to my Gynecology’s clinic. By that time, I was already ready to cry out from the pain. Oblivious to my predicament, the stupid man wheeled me upstairs. Before I had a chance to tell him “I need to see my doctor, NOW”, he left me in the middle of the hall, with my ticket number. Hell no!! No way am I gonna wait patiently to see the doctor with this kind of pain. Luckily I caught the doctor’s clerk passing by and told her that I needed to see the doc NOW, and she going to have to examine me NOW and admit me into the hospital NOW. Having tears running down my cheeks must have helped my situation coz within 2 minutes I entered the doctor’s office. Luckily hubby also arrived at the time (he borrowed my brother’s motorcycle) so he proceeded to explain to the doctor what I was going through. Within 20 minutes, I was warded and 20 minutes after that they prepped me for the operating theater. 1 ½ hours later I was wheeled back to my room, sleepy but no longer in pain.

The doc saw me the next day and explained the operating procedure. Eventhough they had performed marsupialization, a different procedure than before, she explained to me that chances of having BGA reoccur still existed, though had been significantly reduced. OK, I guess I can live with that. I really pray and hope I never get BGA again. It’s not something I would wish on even my worst enemies.

Stay chill everyone. Happy posts coming up soon.


azrin said...

bon retablissement ;)

Syikin said...

alhamdulillah.lega tgk along update blog n tau berita terkini. terfikir gak ari tu, ntah2 along kena operate.

mumsgather said...

I hope you're recovering well with no more pain. Glad to hear you've got the operation over with and looking forward to your happy posts. :)

hazel said...

Alhamdulillah.. Hopefully takde lagi dah lepas ni.. Amiin..

Along said...

Azrin: TQ, I think. Hehe..

Syikin: Alhamdulillah, semua selamat. Sorry tak dpt update blog, sebab weekend lepas balik Melaka ada kenduri. Then cuti pun tolong ibu ayah Along pindah barang ke rumah baru.

MG: Thanks for your kind words. Yes, happy posts coming soon.

Hazel: Terima kasih sudi dtg. Insya'allah, sesama doa tak kena BGA lagi.

Anonymous said...

Hi Along,
Good to hear you're back and kicking! :)


lin said...

take a good rest.. :)

marybishop said...

Along, I didn't know you were having such problems and I certainly hope your pain is gone poor dear...hugs and more hugs.