Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Random Notes for 2006

It's 1.35am and tomorrow's a work day after a very long holiday. No way am I gonna survive tomorrow. I'm just gonna go in and count the minutes until 5.30pm. I KNOW I have tons of work left over from 2005...woohoo!! Always the best way to start a new year...with a fresh (and not so fresh) pile of crap in your inbox.

Random notes for 2006.

1. My new baby last week. I'm talking about my smoking new DELL laptop. The monitor is HUGE!! Hahahaha...hubby is kissing the ground I walk on for buying this. He's going mad downloading stuff, and installing stuff, and whatever other stuff computer geeks like to do on their computers. I told him, just DON'T CRASH IT or no hanky panky for a month. Pictures and reviews of my new baby coming soon.

2. I finally watched LOTR, The fellowship of the rings when it showed on TV1 (or TV2?) last Saturday. Somehow I made it thru the self-absorbed saga without falling asleep. Hubby kept asking questions about the movie the entire time. I think he thinks I've read the book or something. I only know parts of the movie because my officemates (who shall remain nameless) talked on and on and on about the movie when it came out. I have a brain that retains useless info like a sponge.

3. I'm in love with Chris Cornell, singer from Audioslave. Is he HOTTT or what? If I were a roadie, I would totally sleep with him. Like, totally.

4. My S-I-L is in the hospital for an operation to remove her "ovarian cysts". She's doing ok, just a little bit sore. Luckily her in-laws live close by and are able to take care of her everyday.

5. Telekom Sri Intan sucks!! Our Langkawi trip had to be postponed due to the floods but the suckers at Sri Intan wouldn't refund my money. They said it's not in their policy to refund money. They could only give me a voucher to use at any of their outlets, which apparently has an expiration date of 3 months. Stuuupidd!!! First of all, I didn't know about their stupid policy. It was not stated in the form I signed when I reserved the rooms nor was it communicated to me via phone when I called them up. Second, what kind of stupid policy is that? What hotel or motel doesn't give you a refund for cancellations? I understand maybe they would have charge me some processing fee but to deny me my RM660 back??!! Plain bozos!!! I intend to make some noise about this.

6. I made some resolutions for 2006 but I think I'll save them for another post. Plus, I think I'll let a few weeks past by before I share them. Hahaha...just to be on the safe side.

I really need to go to bed. Here's to having a safe and wonderful 2006 everybody. May this year be btter for us all than the last one.


azrin said...

Happy New Year Along. Muga tahun ni lebih ceria & bahagia. Amin.

& hope you get your Sri Intan refund. ;)

Joe said...

are you sure you're letting ayam to install, kacau2 your laptop eh?

remember my old desktop kat vandy dulu? remember, recall the memories.. recall the memories... :D

Along said...

Azrin: Happy New Year to you too. Yer, semoga lebih ceria dan bermakna. Hang pun nak kawin tahun ni kan? Hahahah...selamat menjadi tak dara lagik..:D

Joe: Huh? No memories...apo jadik, total recallkan.

lieawulf said...

you bought a DELL laptop? Congratulations!!!!! Which model?

I would want to buy one, but then, I'm an underpaid instructor...duh, what to do.

azrin said...

alaaa along, tak scan + letak kat sini kaa article kosmo tu :))

Along said...

Liea: Yeah, well I'll blog about my laptop soon. Honey, with 12 months interest free payment system, even I can afford it. Hehehehehe...

Azrin: Ala..kecoh lah hang ni..hehehe..nanti aku scan ah, tapi scanner tadak plak.