Tuesday, January 17, 2006

If You Think She Looks Bad, You Should Have Seen The Other Girl

Kids, being kids, will get into all kind of scraps. They’ll climb furniture, tables, walls, and all over you if you let them. My girls are no different. Sometimes I wonder if I hadn’t given birth to a bunch of testosterone-driven boys instead of supposedly gentle-mannered girls.

Two days ago Dina fell off her bike. Actually she fell down, trying to get off her bike. Instead of hitting the concrete, she fell against the wall and scraped her face on the rough surface. Then only did she hit the ground. The cries that came out of her were enough to wake up the dead. I was taking a bath at the time but luckily hubby was around. He quickly picked up Dina, carried her inside and washed her up. 3 types of lotions were put on her face. It didn’t look so bad the first day, but today the scars really showed themselves.

My little angel. Even with warrior scars on her nose, she can still steal my heart with her cheeky smile.

Hubby was mad at Nisa for not keeping a close eye on the girls as they played but I assured him, Nisa didn’t mean it. The girls are going to fall and hurt themselves sometimes even when with us holding their hands. What we have to learn is how to comfort them later, with plenty of kisses and hugs.


azrin said...

dia punya kening mcm along. camna laa rasa ada anak sendiri tu. Dgn fragilenya... kalau komputer ada masalah boleh buang =). Tak pun kalau beli jam baru kaa, mesti dok belek jaa selalu memula tu. Ini mesti lagi ...

eh melalut plak. Bon courage utk dina.

lieawulf said...

kids will always be kids, tak kira la boys or gals ;) - it's a blessing to have healthy kids :D
(note: hyper-active included)