Tuesday, January 17, 2006

It's Already After Raya but What the Hell...

Last weekend was very productive. We finally painted our main gate. I woke up Saturday morning then after Subuh prayers I declared to hubby “This morning, we are going to paint the gate.” Notice I mentioned “we”? Only because doing home improvement projects with hubby is SUCH A TURN ON.

While hubby gathered all the necessary equipment for the job, I played with the girls and had breakfast. Then hubby announced that our project would have to wait since someone forgot to rinse the brushes in turpentine the last time he used them so now they were all hard and crusted with old paint. Sigh..just when I’m in the mood.

So instead of starting the project at 7.30am, we started at around 9am. The weather was already kind of hot so by 11am, we called it quits. For the entire Saturday, my main gate looked like this.

Taken from my bedroom window, coz I was too freaking tired to go down and snap the picture.

We continued the project that night and did the front half of the other side of the gate (?), plus the small side gate. People walking by that night must have thought we were half crazy but hubby said he preferred painting at night, when it’s much cooler. We painted what we could see (thanks to the lamp post right in front of our house) and decided to continue the project on Sunday. We continued on Sunday morning and ran out of paint, leaving ¼ of the gates still not done. Sigh, I can anticipate it’s going to take another year for hubby to buy the paint and continue what we’ve started.


sexymama said...

Woman, if you want the paint to stay you should paint when the weather's hot.

azrin said...

The weather is always hot in Msia =)
Tips on painting.

Along said...

sexymama: yeah, but then I'll melt also. Painting at night so much cooler.

Azrin: Yeah, Msia always hot. Especially when I'm around. Heheehhehee...thanx for the tips.