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Lilypie - Kids Birthday

Lilypie - Kids Birthday

Friday, January 14, 2005

Projectile Loving

Dina woke up three times last night. The third time, she greeted me with a nice surprise.


Baby vomit all over my chest and pants, dripping onto the carpet. Hot, sticky, foul smelling vomit. Nice!

I screamed into the baby monitor. Ello, bang. Wake up. Need your help!!

A groggy (silluette? sciluete? selluette? ...arghhh!!) shadow emerges from the bedroom. One look at me and he grunts. Huh.

After cleaning myself up and changing Dina’s clothes, I try to breastfeed her. But now she’s too fussy and refuses to lay still. I give up. I call for hubby again.

Err..bang, can you make her some milk? She won’t breast feed.

The shadow reemerges. I hear him tinkering in the kitchen. He comes back into the room and takes Dina from me. With one eye open and the other one slanting, he gives Dina her bottle.

I go back to our bedroom and lie down on the bed. I listen to the baby monitor. Everything’s quiet.

Dina burps. I hear hubby whispering something.

10 minutes later, hubby comes back to bed.

I give him a hug. He sighs and gives me a rub on my arm.

I have a wonderful hubby. Let me never forget that. :D