Thursday, September 09, 2004

Ahh...surprise, surprise...

Despite being married 3 years and knowing each other 10 years, my hubby never fails to surprise me sometimes. Yesterday was another great example...yesterday being our 3rd year anniversary. He's been so busy lately, I was sure he would forget. The fact he had to be in Ipoh the whole day for a meeting, strengthen my belief. Alas...

10.30pm. Dania and Ani were already asleep. I was watching Next Action Star on Astro (don’t penalize me for this...there was nothing else on).

Hubby (sat down next to me and gave me a hug): Happy Anniversary...(sexy voice).
Myself: Same to you..wish aje?
Hubby: We go out for dinner this weekend ok?
Myself: OK...(stare back at TV)
Hubby: So...emmm...errr...will you marry me? (still sexy voice)
Myself (now starring at hubby and thinking..ah, lawak bodo coming): Oklah, since we dah terlanjur...I also bunting already..I’ll marry you.

Hubby took my hand and put on a ring...a bloody white gold with sparkling diamond ring!! I looked at it, first thinking he had put on my wedding ring on as a symbolic gesture. It looked was an entirely different ring!!

Myself: Errr...OH MY GOD!! OH MY GOD!! 4 X
Hubby (looking mighty smug): Suka tak?
Myself: OH MY GOD!! Bile beli ni?
Hubby: Tadi.
Myself: I only bought you a card!! I thought you forgot!! I’m feeling like such a shmuck for smsing my friends and whining about how after only 3 years of marridge, my hubby dah lupa our anniversary. I’m a shmuck..I’m a shmcuk..I’m a shmuck!! How to make it up to him? Must think of grand place to take him to dinner this weekend...*sigh*


Places to eat to consider (thanks to Joe).
- PJ Hilton (Restoran Paya Seari)
- Chakri Palace
- Hyatt Saujana Hotel
- Outback Steakhouse Bangsar

You see where I'm going with this...I'm thinking big and expensive. Something like the rock that's sitting pretty on my finger right now.


The Star is showing some pictures from the Brunei wedding. Pergh...check out the bracelets on the bride!!! Camne nak angkat tangan tu?!! They've reported the wedding costs RM19 million!! Which I would think is petty cash to the Royal Bruneians..but still...fuh, RM19 million can but a whole lot of much needed clothes and food for the children in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The bride's 17 years old. 17!! When I was 17, I didn't even have a steady boyfriend, much less have any serious thought about getting married. When you're 17, you're supposed to be thinking about what college or university you're going to...what color lipstick matches your to ask father for money for more shoes. I wish the couple the best of luck though...getting married is no joke, getting married into a royal family is an even bigger burden.


Ayah's coming back from Japan today. Mom has called twice today to update me on her recent purchases. Why that woman needs a hat rack is beyond one in the family wears a hat!!


Anonymous said...

Never underestimate us men. We're great at surprises, good or bad.. heheh..

Happy anniversary to you both. Perut dah kempis, bagitau.