Thursday, May 31, 2012

Happy 10th Birthday Dania Jazmin

My eldest daughter is 10 today. TEN!! Double digits!! How is that possible. She's still just a baby. Before I know it, pretty soon she'll be going to boarding school, then university, then she'll be getting a job, getting married, having kids.....uwaaaa!!

This is way too soon for me.

The kids are away at their Grandparent's house and I miss them madly. Their Maksu has promised to take them for a movie today and also to buy Dania a birthday cake.

I still can't over the fact she's all grown up. Grown up into a beautiful, wonderful, amazing daughter that I'm so proud of.

Happy 10th birthday, Dania Jazmin. We love you so much.

Hugs and kisses,

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Zombies Are Upon Us!!!!

No, seriously. Read this then tell me we're not at a brink of a zombie Apocalypse!!

*Image taken from here

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Bebudak Sekarang Ni...

Yer, pasal Jepun tengah karang lagi ni. Sabar, sabar...akan ku tayangkan gambar bersama orang Sumo tak lama lagi. Hehehee..

Ni nak share something I got in my email from one of my classmates. Lawak giller. Hai..bebduak sekarang ni...pandai melampau!!

Bagus..kecik2 dah tau konsep meminjam dan akibatnya. Cuma yang aku tak paham, pinjam RM3...tapi collateral sampai kena bagi kasut. Ada ke kasut berharga RM3?! Yang tukang bagi pinjam ada harapan nak jadi Ah Long in the future. Huhuhu... kes terlalu logik la plak pemikiran budak ni. Taking the saying "Out of sight, out of mind" literally. Bijaknya nyamuk2 area dia ni...bleh target rumah mana ada orang based on kasut kat luar rumah. Hahahahaa...
Awak, awak...awak sayang kita tak awak? Kita sayang awak tau..sayang sangat2!
Errr...sib baik la dulu masa aku sekolah takde kes2 gedik camni...tulis surat2 "cinta" pada lelaki...tolong la, please say I was not like this...takde kot...time sekolah takde sapa pandang pun kat aku...huhuhu..
Kalau aku jadi cikgu tengah tandakan kertas exam ni, mesti aku tersedak 10 kali baca jawapan ni. Hahahaha...tapi takleh nak salahkan anak murid, kira munasabah gak jawapan dia. Menunjukkan dia prihatin terhadap bil2 yang ayah dia terpaksa bayar tiap2 bulan..
Ni kes lurus bendul ke bangap ke, dua2 bleh la. Lawak tahap gaban betul la. Ni mesti tak pernah pay attention dalam kelas...tak pun tak paham apa soalan ni mau. Hai...sabar je la jadi cikgu matematik dia ni.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Back From Japan

Japan was great!!Expensive as expected but we had a wonderful time just having that Japan experience. If I had to list down the highlights of the trip, it would be the kimono dress up, eating authentic Japanese food, riding the bullet train and watching the sumo match up close and personal. We walked and walked all over Osaka until my back hurt and still couldn't finish all the attractions. I'll write more about what we did there in my next a-calling...back to the real world.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

To All the Moms Out There...

Noresh put up this link in twitter and when I saw it, it made me cry. This not only goes out to all moms out there but also to all the grandmothers, aunts and big sisters who play a huge role in defining our younger generation for the better. You gals are true heros!

Monday, May 07, 2012

Life is What You Make Out Of It...

It's been 2 weeks plus since our maid ran away and seriously...I don't miss her at all. Add on to the stories that my neighbors have FINALLY told me about her, I say good riddance!! I was a bit peeved that my neighbors kept her antics a secret from us but on the other hand, I understand their concerns. Ever since one of our neighbors blew up at the others because we told her about her maid, everyone has been taking the "none of my business" route. Which is such a pity. I really would have appreciated it if they had spoken up sooner...Daria might have gotten better care. But what has happened has happened and I believe all for good reason.

So for now, Dania and Dina transit at their kafa school and Daria goes to the kindergarten behind our home. Dania and Dina have been adapting well but Daria...let's just say it's a drama everytime we drop her off at school. The waterworks start happening and the begging commences. The first time it happened, I got so upset, I cried all the way to work. It hasn't gotten easier (yet) but I'm hoping Daria will adjust better as time goes by. According to her teacher, she only cries for a few minutes before settling down with the other kids.

I miss having help with the housework though. Though I must admit, I get total satisfaction when its done now. I dedicate Saturdays for springcleaning; the best part is that En Rashid helps with the dishes and the kids so it's not too bad. I still feel like crying doing the ironing tho; to ease the pain, I bring all the clothes in front of the TV and do it while watching a movie. At least, I don't feel too bored. I don't mind the cooking; the kids love it when I cook. En Rashid...well, let's just say he loves showing his appreciation. Hehehehe...

My mom has been asking whether we want a new maid. Honestly, I think we're coping just fine without. Previously, I was adamant for a maid because Daria was still a baby. Now, she's nearly 3 and can socialize so I'm not too worried. I still feel bad when we have to stay back at work and pick up the kids late. So far this has happened a few times...the first time it happened Daria was too mad to even look at me!!

But all things considering, we are doing ok. It's going to be a bit hectic next week as both En Rashid and myself are going to Osaka for my birthday (plus 3rd honeymoon) but my mom has agreed to take care of the kids while we're away. To think, one year of planning and we almost cancelled the whole trip because of what happened. I owe my mom so much!!

Oya, I'm 95% done with my MBA now!! Yahoo!! Best of all, no more classes or exams. Just left with my project paper to complete. I can't believe I've almost made it. Finals was ok considering I only had 2 papers to study for this trimester. My International Marketing was a hoot; we had to answer 4 questions and each question was worth 25 marks. The whole time during the exam I was like frantically looking for stuff to write down (it was an open book test) to cater for the 25 marks. In the end, I left the hall 30 minutes early...dah takde idea nak tulis apa. Huhuhuhu....

We're all on forced leave tomorrow thanks to The Company's AGM session with the stakeholders. They should do the AGM more often...hahahaha. En Rashid and I will be going to the Japanese Embassy to pick up our visas...hopefully everything will be ready by then.

So this post is just to update everybody that we're doing ok. Hehehee...thanks to all who inquired and expressed concern.