Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Dania's School Clay Project

The other day, Dania mentioned about her Kajian Tempatan project she had to do during CNY. Apparently, she had to create a cave out of plasticine, following the instructions in her text book.

I tried googling some videos on how to make a cave; most of the videos I found used paper mache and were too complicated for my limited creativeness. So I called my brother to help.

This is what they finally came up with.

It cost me approximately RM60 to buy all the stuff for her cave but looking at the final result, was so worth it. My brother helped a lot, in terms of the design and layout.
The frame of the cave was made out of polystyrene and then covered with balls of plasticine. Dania helped roll bits of plasticine into balls while I helped my brother cover up the polystyrene. The bushes were actually leaves from the trees in my mom's garden, taken with permission of course. The grass was fake grass, bought at the art shop for RM7 per piece. Initially we wanted to create the grass using plasticine, but figured that would just take up too much time.

Dania also created the "boulders" using grey plasticine and the stalactites and stalagmites using orange plasticine. My brother helped arrange them around the stream and pond.
En Rashid complained that the cave looked too "boxy" but actually we ran out of plasticine. My brother wanted to use something to create a roundish shape for the top of the cave but we were worried that the polystyrene might not be able to hold the weight. So a "boxy" cave it is.

Which was just fine, because Dania got A+ for her project!!

Go Dania!!


Aunt Juicebox said...

Very nice! I remember failing a similar project when I was in 6th grade. We were supposed to make the inside of an Egyptian burial pyramid. You're a nice mom, to buy all that stuff. Mine gave me some cardboard and crayons. *eye roll*

Aapitz said...

Waaahhhh...god job! A+ lagi....

Tuh lah, parents nowdays boleh reserach jer kat internet cari idea kan.

I wonder zaman dulu cam ner parents kite perah idea...


Awesome cave! I wouldn't give anything less (grade). Zareef pun kena buat the same thing but in groups of three. How it turned out, Wallahua'lam. They did it at school. But boys being boys, I think theirs didn't come close to Dania's.

Idham said...

it looks awesome! nice enough to be used as an action figure playset!

ummufatihah said...

Assalamualakum Along,

Awesome... Memang kreatif.... Congrats to all the "group members".:)