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Lilypie - Kids Birthday

Friday, February 03, 2012

All Down For The Count

All three of my babies are sick. Boohoo! It started actually with Daria, we suspect she got food poisoning from the drink we bought at the night market. Actually it was more of the ice cubes that she chewed on, must have been made from unfiltered water.

So anyway, this was actually last week and for almost a week, she was vomiting and had diarrhea. Then as Daria was getting better, Dania got sick and started getting the same symptoms. She came back from school on Tuesday, complaining about a stomach ache. That night, she started vomiting and having the runs. So far, she's missed 4 days of school.

Last Wednesday night, Dina started vomiting. I was getting really worried, especially since Daria was just getting better. So on Thursday morning, both En Rashid and myself took the girls to the hospital.

Both Dania and Dina had to be put on a drip because they were vomiting excessively. They cried a bit when the nurse placed in the needle but only because their veins were so shrunk from the dehydration. But after a bottle of saline, they both felt better. Fortunately the doctor said that they could be released and stay at home, instead of being admitted into the wards.

As of today, Dania about 90% better. She still has the runs but she hasn't vomited since yesterday. Dina vomited twice today but I think it's due to the powder medication she has to take. So I've stopped that for now and tried to get her to drink chocolate milk instead.

Here's hoping my babies get well soon.


Jaja® said...

Get well soon girls.

Sal said...

Semoga Dania & Dina getting well soon, insyallah.

Huda Ahsin said...

Apa khabar budak-budak harini? Harap semuanya dah sihat...

Nur H said...

aduhai...sedih tgk budak2 masuk hospital ni...hampeh tul org2 meniaga brg tak bersih nih...

hope the girls dah recover.

Along said...

Thanx all. The girls dah ok tapi skrg ibu dia plak yang sakit. Huhuhu...dugaan!