Friday, December 30, 2011

Let's Bring on 2012 Now!!

Seriously, how sick am I about my exams. I had my 2nd paper tonite...horrendous!! Only one case study which was 21 PAGES LONG...took me 1.5 hours to read and understand the damn thing, then I got totally lost at how to start answering. Ended up rambling and drawing numerous tables for 6 pages, while sitting for 3 hours on the most uncomfortable folding desk chair in the history of exam taking!!!!

The "best" part is...for most of my classmates, tonite was their last exam. Me? Nooooo...I have to have my last paper tomorrow, on a Saturday no doubt. In the afternoon. When everyone is taking their mid-day nap, I will be scribbling yet again nonsense on sheets of paper, in hopes of at least humoring my lecturer into giving me pity marks.


The lecturers should understand. Classes that required a research paper, should not have final exams. The research paper took up so much time to conduct and analyze., seriously, 14 chapters to read for tomorrow?!! Hah...I laugh in the face of the impossible!

You know what I"m gonna do? I'm gonna celebrate my FREEDOM (say it like Braveheart!) by buying a big ass fridge tomorrow. That's right...I'm gonna swipe my credit card (or En Rashid's) and bring me home a double door fridge that would allow me to sleep in there if I wanted to. Hahahhaa...

Until then, I'm going to bed. There's no point trying to read tonight, I might as well call it a night and skim through my notes tomorrow.

Anyway, if I don't blog tomorrow coz I'm too busy hauling my big ass's wishing everyone HAPPY NEW YEAR...may 2012 not suck!!


Aapitz said...

Aiyohhh along. Sgt challenging nyer to juggle between study, work and family....

Raser mcm sgt pack and serabut but ramai jer kengkawan lain yg berjaya survive. And am still wondering how they managed to do that...

Wishing you best of luck and all the best yaa....Insyaallah.

Happy new year too :)