Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Today's the 1st paper...Marketing Research. How much do you wanna bet that I am soooooooo not ready for this paper? For my entire finals, for that matter?

En Rashid took the brood out for lunch so I could get some serious last minute studying done. I've pretty much skimmed (and I really mean skimmed!) through the slides. Will try to go through the discussed case studies later on.

As much as a pain it was to have to take MR, I'm kind of glad I did (it was a core elective, so I kind of had to anyway). It lead me to understand better the world of marketing research and look at problems faced at work with a much universal approach. Also, doing marketing research can be fun or tedious, depending on what topic you're doing.Part of me wants to do a MR for my dissertation; I already have a topic but part of me knows that it will be a LOT OF WORK. Definitely not something I could whip up in the last 2 weeks before submission.

Well, back to studying I guess. The finals is at 8pm and will be 3 hours. 3 hours of panicking is such a long time! I'll totally be drained by the end of today.


Sal said...

Good Luck to U....